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The Magic of Comedy...Choose Happy! Tim Gabrielson’s blend of comedy and magic has left audiences amazed since 1989. Tim’s brand of keynote entertainment uses that magical blend while influencing attendees to modify thought patterns resulting in greater enthusiasm and improved productivity. By sharing his philosophy; that responding rather than reacting will change the outcome, he is able to guide audiences to focus on their own abilities to overcome obstacles simply and easily with one paradigm shift. As detailed in his book Lemons to Laughter, Tim ignites positivity resulting in greater success in every aspect of life. In recent years, physicians have confirmed what we already knew…that laughter is good medicine! Science has rivaled common sense in providing findings that laughter is not only good for the soul, but also proven to be good for our health. Whether it’s the release of endorphins or the decrease in stress hormones that provide an overall sense of well-being and improved outlook, the cause isn’t as important as the result: A happier, healthier approach to everyday life! Tim will inspire you with his words, entertain you with his breathtaking comedy and magic, and show attendees how to make small choices that result in big differences. Whether your audience is comprised of owners, managers, or the front line staff, your group will walk away invigorated and equipped to infuse the Lemons to Laughter culture into their business and their lives. SPEECH TITLE AND DESCRIPTION Lemons to Laughter What can the Lemons to Laughter program do for your organization? • Improved company morale • Increased productivity • Better workplace culture Studies show that fewer than 45% of Americans actually enjoy their work; a decrease of 4% from one year ago. Although the reasons seem vast and varied, there is no disputing that workplace satisfaction is on the decline and has been for the last decade. Tim Gabrielson is changing that; one organization at-a-time. We hear it on the news, we see it all around us; our economy is struggling, unemployment rates are on the rise, the value of our dollar is on the decline. There are ample reasons for the foul mood we find ourselves in; which follows us into the workplace. Add a challenging project or ill-fated bottom line to the mix and, well, it’s no surprise that our surly dispositions act as contagions until the whole organization is one unhappy, unhealthy, lack-luster environment. Tim’s unique presentation Lemons to Laughter is one part mind-bending magic, one part hilarious comedy, and one part life-changing message. Simply put; Tim guides the audience through the paradigm shift necessary to position your organization in that ever shrinking minority; one with fully engaged and satisfied staff. Employees will be entertained along the way to embracing intentional decisions to: Consider the events causing conflict in your life. We all have them. Some of us let them consume us and maintain a constant state of stress; never fully realizing the gifts life has to offer. Challenge your thinking and age-old thought processes. Habits are hard to break; especially bad ones. Dwelling on the negative keeps us from even recognizing the positive in all aspects of life. Choose to revamp your psyche and respond versus react to all situations creating magical moments in day-to-day interactions that result in only one thing: happiness. Happiness is a choice. We’re all faced with limitless choices each and every day and any one of them can have either outstanding or catastrophic results. Tim’s presentation provides audience members with a clear decision for results that yield the best life has to offer; both physically and emotionally. He demonstrates how changing one’s outlook in any situation can have a positive impact on all those around with the greatest impact on you. Whether at the workplace or home, Tim’s message has a universal approach to making the best of any situation. Physicians now confirm what we already knew; laughter is good medicine. Tim shows the audience how to infuse laughter into any situation and provides a step-by-step approach to improving one’s life. When a single person makes an intentional effort to change the dynamics at work, it will have a positive ripple effect on everyone in your organization. Happy employee results include: • Higher productivity • Better communication • The ability to find more creative solutions. • Improved connections with clients and co-workers • A fully engaged organization Ultimately, this leads to an improved work environment resulting in a culture of employee satisfaction and more engaged customers; both internal and external. Bonus – it’s just more fun. Entertainment The Magic of Comedy Tim’s entertaining program is a perfect way to reward employees or enliven a group. Regardless of varying entertainment tastes, it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t intrigued by magic. Combine that with our love of comedy and it’s no wonder Tim Gabrielson has taken the country by storm. Using quick wit, interactive magic, and a playful spirit to connect with his audience, Tim focuses on his underlying theme of “Keep It Funny” and takes the audience along on the comedic journey. He masterfully weaves a subtle, uplifting message throughout his show and leaves the audience thoroughly entertained, enlivened, and inspired. Tim’s “Keep it Funny” philosophy, as highlighted in his signature book, Lemons to Laughter, is apparent throughout his laugh-a-minute show. Tim performs for more than one hundred events each year. His vast appeal makes his show relevant for all audiences. Whether Tim is performing for corporations or collegiate auditoriums, the audience leaves both thoroughly entertained and truly motivated. As an entertainer, what makes Tim different from the many other “Comic Magicians”? A winning entertainment experience is hard to gauge…some say it’s by applause, others by audience interaction. Regardless of the unit of measurement, comic magician, Tim Gabrielson has proven his amazing show is a hit with all audiences. He uses his comedic prowess and mastery of magic to take his audience on a captivating adventure every time he steps on stage. Over the past 20+ years Tim’s show has evolved to include a wonderful silver lining message about making intentional choices to be happy. Tim’s shows have exceeded 360 in a single year and he has averaged over a hundred events per year for over the past decade. This has provided limitless exposure to every imaginable audience, which gives him the additional ability to interact with any crowd. Emcee Tim’s confident, spontaneous nature makes him an ideal master of ceremonies. Corporate events require an emcee who is polished, professional, and able to adapt to on-site changes. Did the dinner start late? Did the speaker finish early? Did the schedule change at the last minute? No problem. With Tim as your emcee, rest assured your event will be a smooth success from start to finish!
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