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Nationally recognized authority on stress reduction through humor During the last decade, Tim has delivered his entertaining, informative presentations nationally and internationally, speaking to government groups, professional associations, and corporations of every kind. Through his work he expands the understanding of humor skills as stress reduction tools. His development of easy-to-implement techniques has inspired action from publishers, television, and radio talk shows around the world. His methods and techniques are an effective way to deal with, diffuse, and even avoid intensely stressful encounters that can—and often do—occur every day. After majoring in communications at Flathead Valley Community College and Montana State University in Bozeman, Tim began his career working with the Montana Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services. During this experience, he discovered that his ability (and unstoppable tendency!) to sprinkle non-malicious mischief over office politics in a tense environment was an appreciated antidote to daily pressures. When asked by superiors to develop a training program to assist eligibility workers in managing stress, burnout and the ever-looming threat of compassion fatigue, he knew that sharing his own good humor was the most powerful and productive way to contribute. After locating to Denver, Colorado in 1994 to join the staff of USDA's Food and Nutrition Service, the enormous calling from his peers and superiors for consulting and training inspired Tim to resign from the federal government, and devote a full-time effort to his seminars and workshops. Now, more than a decade later, Tim's down-to-earth style and easy manner gains him immediate rapport as he imparts his stress-reducing, success-generating perspective in a highly humorous format. Whether he is helping a group develop a Comic Vision®, or building strong teams through humor, participants enjoy his fun, informative and fast-paced session that keeps them on the edge of their seats! A navy veteran who served tours in San Francisco and aboard the U.S. aircraft carrier Midway in Japan, Tim values the sacrifices, contributions and pressures endured by people who want to make the world a better place for us all, one laugh at a time. SPEECH TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS Developing a Comic Vision See reality and share the fun of it with laughter and humor through the lens of your Comic Vision®! Learn humorous and effective approaches to stress-diffusion and frustration-eradication! Leadership: The Tao of Humor A fresh approach to stress-reduction using proven effective techniques which encourage teamwork, personal accountability and good-humor characteristics. Change the Game Life is a game. Business is a game. Literally, everything is a game with winners, losers and spectators. But can one person actually change the game?
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