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Laugh from your toes. Lead from your soul. Serve from your heart. Want people to experience the best your organization has to offer? Want your customers to come back for more and tell others about their experience? Tired of coping with coworkers who may not share your vision? Hospitality expert Robin Getman gets the job done. With nearly two decades experience in training and management, Robin speaks frankly about workplace experiences people can relate to. Robin’s expertise is on the mark and immediately relevant in today’s work environment: • Service that sells • Communication that connects • Humor that helps Your organization will handle even the most challenging situations with finesse and professionalism. Laugh and learn as Robin demonstrates how to relate to customers and coworkers with purpose, passion and personality. Robin’s hallmark is her humor and broad experience: managing three of Minnesota’s favorite restaurants, teaching two Minnesota governors’ staffs how to deliver exceptional service, administering a $12 million budget with a staff of 600 supervisory and union employees, and delivering five fabulously funny (and gut-wrenching) performances as a standup comic. Give your next meeting a swift kick in the can’ts. Entertaining, informative and inspirational with a gift for injecting humor to reinforce a powerful message, Robin thinks on her feet, delivering programs that are pertinent, memorable and uncommonly fun! Unscripted. Unrehearsed. Uncommonly fun. With a broad background in dramatic and improvisational theater and stand-up comedy, Robin Getman connects with audiences instantly. Be it one-on-one, one-on-fifty one, or one-on-five hundred and one; there's no telling what will happen next. Whatever comes, one thing is certain: both speaker and audience are interactive players in the drama, the spontaneity and the merriment. Robin works with organizations that want to create an environment where people look forward to coming to work each day and with people who want to enjoy what they do. She speaks frankly about workplace experiences that people can relate to. Unhappy coworkers? Difficult boss? Unbearable customers? Constant change? Robin's been there and she's done that-twenty times for some fifteen employers- before realizing the job wasn't the problem! Robin has checked hats, cashiered, waited tables and managed three of the nation's leading restaurants. She's opened mail, processed applications, led campus tours and entered data. She's ushered, sold concessions and worked 'the stage' for Elvis, Donny Osmond and nearly a dozen elephants. She's sorted, filed, 'manned the phones' and checked 'spec's' on paper bags for pig chow. She's price-checked, pin-ticketed, inventoried and marked product for clearance. You name it; Robin's probably done it. Robin Getman is the positive, laughing difference your audience wishes for. SPEECH TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS Laugh for the Health of It! Are you serious about having fun? Need to lighten up? This session is for you. High energy, fast-paced fun, jam-packed with useful tips and techniques to help you develop your laugh response and handle challenging situations with a smile. Think about your interactions with other people. When, where and with whom do you feel most at ease? Most likeable? Most fun? If you’re like most people, you’re at your best wherever, whenever and with whomever you share laughter and lightness. Laugh and learn as Robin Getman, your facilitator of fun, helps you identify ways to relax, renew and restore (and look forward to coming to work each day!). This session will tickle your funny bone, sharpen your customer service and do wonders your self-esteem. What you’ll learn… Proven health benefits of laughter. Laughter exercises you can use the rest of your life Fundamentals that ensure helpful, not harmful, humor in the workplace. R-E-L-A-X, Stress isn't a 4-Letter Word Quick. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word stress? (Be honest.) Did you think… Productivity? Energy? Fun? Stress, like most things, is good and bad. Stress can propel you to peak performance or it can drain your brain. You can choose to react or choose to RELAX… Laugh and learn as professional speaker, trainer, and humorist, Robin Getman shares stories and ideas guaranteed to keep your fun meter on high and your stress meter on peak performance. This session will help you harness the best of stress and tame the rest. Examine and practice five stress-busting techniques to help you RELAX… •Recognize your stress producers–the good, the bad and the ugly •Exercise your four energy centers–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual •Laugh for the health of it •Accept what you cannot control •X-off time for yourself Lead From Your Soul Are You Leading from Your Soul? (instead of a position of authority) Ever wonder how Gandhi would “motivate” an employee? How Mother Theresa might “re-engineer” the organization? How Martin Luther King would “compete” for the future? 

Personal power in organizations increases when people begin leading from their souls rather than positions of authority–when leaders leverage external and internal power. External power (the capacity to act) is represented by confidence, competence, expertise, titles, success, degrees, stature, money, self-esteem and recognition. Internal power (the capacity to reflect) emerges out of our inner self, our souls, our deepest values. The integration of the two reveals who you really are and your life purpose. Session learning objectives: •Define and examine six stages of power in organizations. •Challenge traditional belief systems about power that continue to define “success” by position power, money and personal recognition. •Distinguish between transactional and transformational leadership. •Identify ways to enhance personal effectiveness and expand influence. •Grow your leadership skills to become more (or less!) visible. •Help other people realize their full potential. Is your Networking (when your computer isn't)? Quick. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you imagine networking at your next meeting or event for 30-40 minutes? (Check all that apply.) Yee-ha! I can wear my power suit. Oh no! Whatever will I wear? 30-40 minutes… (sigh) So many people, so little time! 30-40 minutes… (gasp) I must get someone to fill in for me! Are you a networking zealot, wallflower, or somewhere in between? Whatever your response, plan to laugh and learn as hospitality expert, Robin Getman facilitates a lively, energizing networking experience guaranteed to: •Raise your enthusiasm and reduce your fear of networking. •Ensure meaningful connections when meeting other people. •Increase the value of your [association] membership and participation. The Truth about Customer Service Excellence Imagine being accused of giving consistently excellent service. What evidence would your customers (internal and external) use to convict you? Is it possible the customer isn't always right? Can good service ruin your business? Surprising answer await in this entertaining, revealing and candid session on creating and maintain a culture of service.
What you'll learn... •14 Truths about Customer Service Excellence •Product value from the customer's perspective •Service promises that should be broken •The value of serving from the heart •How four generations perceive and evaluate service and why you should care Can You Hear Me Now? Communicating for Results Wherever you go, you see and hear people talking. Cell phone users talk while they shop, walk and drive and barely acknowledge the people who shop, walk and drive beside them!
 Friends, family, colleagues and coworkers check caller ID, scroll handheld computers and exchange instant messages as they assure us they’re listening and urge us to “go on…”

We’re talking more and communicating less–we’re “linked,” “hooked,” “wired,” and longing for connection. 

Turn off your phones and tune into laughter as we practice the art of customer-focused communication and affirm the value of connection. Explore the power of active listening and practice communication techniques designed to help you: •Enhance communication with customers and coworkers •Build trust and rapport, deepen connection and grow relationships •Create transformational (not transactional) service moments •Be heard by customers, coworkers and supervisors •Look thinner and younger in just one hour (okay, this one may not be true) Can You Hear Me Now? Defusing Difficult People and Situations Sometimes it’s not the person that’s difficult; it’s the situation. Increase your effectiveness by recognizing the difference and learn to respond with grace, confidence and ease. What you’ll learn: •How to defuse difficult situations •How to defuse difficult people •How to tell the difference!
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