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Former Professional Soccer Player and one of the Longest Living Organ Transplant Recipient Keith was just 21 when, in July of 1986, he received the heart of a 17 year-old boy. Keith amazingly returned to competitive soccer a year after his transplant playing for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). After playing two seasons with the Rebels, Keith garnered many honors including being named the Student-Athlete of Year for the Conference as well as voted as USA’s Most Courageous Athlete. After his senior season, Keith was named the Most Valuable Player at the Senior Bowl and was drafted first overall into the Major Indoor Soccer League, just three years after his heart transplant. Now one of the longest living organ transplant recipients in the world and most notable professional athletes of his time, Keith recently published his biography – Heart for the Game – detailing this most unique journey, including his return to Wales to meet his donor’s father, 25 years after that fateful day when the boy lost his life. In 2011, he founded The Simon Keith Foundation, an organization dedicated to increasing organ donor awareness and educating transplant recipients. And in 2014, Keith was named one of Las Vegas’ Most Intriguing Personalities for his work with the Nevada Donor Network in turning it into the highest producing organ procurement organization in the world. SPEECH TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS Moments of Truth In all of our lives, we tend to define ourselves by MOMENTS. These moments shape who we are and how we view ourselves. The birth of a child, getting married, a big promotion are all moments that many of us celebrate. But what if the moments in your life are not always expected. How do you prepare for moments when you don't know when or how they will come? Why do some people seem to 'execute' their moments better than others? What if your moment seems bigger than what you can handle? Simon talks about the Moments in his life and how "being flat on your back at age 21, and about to have your heart taken out of your chest" certainly qualifies as a Moment. How Simon moved forward from that potentially crippling event and was able to live an incredible heart stopping life. FEAR Why does FEAR inhibit our behavior? Why do we allow FEAR to become the overriding presence in our lives? Is overcoming FEAR the number one difference that make the ultra-successful "different" than the masses? Simon explores this concept as part of his LEADERSHIP training and pushes the audience to come to grips with their fears and what steps they can take to overcome this often debilitating state of mind. After participating in this KEY NOTE speech - you will be motivated more than ever to implement the strategies to overcome YOUR FEARS. 6 Characteristics of Champions Simon has dedicated his life studying and understanding what it takes to be a Champion. Having identified 6 Major Characteristics, Simon speaks about the importance of each and uses anecdotal evidence based on his and other "Champions" lives. • Prepare • Vision • Motivation • Belief - The Power of Stupid • Pursuit of Excellence • Dare to Live Changing The Perception Of Organ Transplantation Simon communicates a unique perspective on what it "feels" like to be the recipient of a lifesaving organ transplant...even if you don't want to really talk about. A 25-year struggle in learning to how to interact with others who expect you to be someone different than who you are (or ever were). Why do people want you to be "different"? Why do they treat you as "different"? Does it help you that they want you to be "special" or does it further handicap you? As a recipient who has fought prejudice and pre-conceived notions, Simon delivers a message that anyone battling an illness, struggle, or challenge will simply be inspired to hear. A must see presentation!

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