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Inspirational Story, Bank Executive, Entrepreneur, Author Marcia (Marci) Malzahn, a native of Nicaragua, came to Minnesota in 1986 and started a career in banking. She left banking in 1999 for a leadership technology role in a non-profit organization, returning in 2005, this time as the first employee of a new bank startup. In her role, Marci oversaw all the bank operations areas, including finance, IT, compliance, internal audit, deposit/loan operations, office management and HR; most recent positions included EVP, COO, CFO and CRO. Starting the bank allowed Marci the opportunity to lead various teams, and to work with attorneys, auditors, regulators, vendors, board of directors, shareholders, senior management and employees. Marci has had a variety of management responsibilities over the past 18 years, 13 of which in senior executive leadership positions. Having grown the bank from zero to $300 million in assets during a very challenging 10- year period, Marci wanted to be able to help other community banks gain from her 20+ years of banking experience. That goal led to her founding of Malzahn Strategic, a community bank consultancy focused on strategic planning, enterprise risk management and talent management. Marci is the recipient of a number of professional awards, including “40 Under Forty” by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, “Top Women in Finance” by Finance and Commerce, ”25 on the Rise” by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and “Outstanding Women in Banking” by Northwestern Financial Review. Marci is also a published author and speaker. She holds a B.A. in business management from Bethel University and is a graduate of the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, Wisconsin. What clients are saying: “I've been in Banking for 34 years. I started out as a Loan Officer, then a Branch Manager and I have been President here at Pine Island Bank for the last 12 years. I've been involved in the Strategic Planning process several times at both my previous and current Bank employer. Marci has been the best facilitator for Strategic Planning that I've seen. Last year Marci was instrumental in getting our new Strategic Plan up and running. Her experience in Bank management, her organizational skills, and her ability to lead and communicate during our meetings was outstanding. Marci kept the conversations on track and flowing in a positive direction.” James E. Mack, President, Pine Island Bank “Over the course of three months, Marci Malzahn led our Board of Directors, Audit Committee, and staff through a comprehensive and dynamic review of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) which led to the creation of an ERM Policy, an expanded scope of responsibility for our newly named Audit and ERM Committee and an internal ERM Staff Committee to oversee and review ongoing risk factors within our organization. Even more important than these structural changes is the awareness and appreciation that we have gained of the internal and external risk dynamics that threaten the optimal performance of our organization. And perhaps the biggest daily benefit of the process is the way in which ERM has spilled over into other aspects of our work and has inspired us to be more strategic with all of our planning.” Chris Andersen, President & Executive Director, inFaith Community Foundation SPEECH TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS Don’t Give Up on Banking! You'll hear an inspirational story of an immigrant who started a community bank and helped it grow to over $300 million in assets in less than ten years. Marci led her team to establish a solid foundation and operational infrastructure to ensure the rapid growth and success of the bank. Marci encourages community bankers to not give up the fight, but stay in the game. She shares ways for you to not only survive these challenging times but to also thrive and compete with the large banks. Marci also shares how integrating your Enterprise Risk Management and Talent Management Programs into your Strategic Plan will give you a foundation for success, and ultimately for increased shareholder value. You Are the Future of Banking: Making Connections throughout Your Journey is Key to Your Success Understanding how a bank is operated as a business is crucial for the success of young bankers who are the future leaders. Gaining experience, including making valuable connections along the way, will equip you to either run a successful bank in the future, or be part of one. In this interactive workshop, Marci describes how the various areas of the bank are related, their effect on the bottom line, and how they all integrate into the bank’s overall Strategic Plan. A Career in Banking? It Could Happen to You! As a result of the recent financial crisis, banking has experienced challenges to its reputation. Marci shares her experience as a banker who started at the bottom of the ladder and climbed to the executive roles. She inspires her audience to pursue banking as a career and explores the many disciplines within the field. It is an honorable and fun career, full of learning and exciting opportunities. If you are a young banker just starting out, or still in college going for a finance degree and are trying to figure out what career to choose, this presentation is for you. Maximize Your Life Story The struggles and successes we experience throughout our lives are not just for us to learn from but for us to share them with others. In this talk, Marci will share about her own experiences and major life events that shaped her into the person she is today. She will inspire you to, not only reflect on what you’ve learned during your life, but to share your life with others. Marci will share leadership lessons learned through her life and you will walk away inspired to share and maximize your own life story. Leading by Maximizing Talents Successful leaders surround themselves with talented individuals that complement their own talents and strengths. From the employee perspective, Marci encourages you to discover your gifts and use them in the workplace and outside by creating opportunities for yourself. From the employer perspective, Marci shares tips on how to discover and develop your employees’ talents to use them in the workplace and maximize their potential. Marci shares about her personal journey of discovering her gifts and how she helped her employees discover their talents to become the best they could be. A Passion for Women in Leadership We need strong women leaders. During this talk, Marci shares her successes and struggles as she navigated through the business world in America, not only as an immigrant but as a woman leader. She shares why she’s so passionate about helping other women leaders succeed. Marci encourages her audience to take the leadership role seriously and inspire you to be all you can be with what you’ve been given. WORKSHOPS Leadership & Negotiation Tips for the Workplace Leadership skills are critical to lead your own career; to lead others to greatness and to leave what’s “comfortable and safe” to move to new territory and adventure for yourself to flourish. Along with leadership comes courage…the courage to do all those things, plus negotiate for yourself in the workplace. During this interactive workshop, you will discover negotiation strategies that will lead to success and influence in your job. These skills can also easily transfer to other areas of your life. You DO have choices! You will walk away with tips on how to: strategically ask for what you want; prioritize what you want before asking; be clear as to why you want/need what you are asking for; and successfully close a negotiation. Know Your Value In this inspirational talk Marci shares with her audience about the importance for people at all levels to know how valuable they are. Marci explores five key areas to encourage her audience to Know Their Value as an employee, as a volunteer, as an employer, as a leader, and as a person. This presentation is an interactive workshop where the attendees will have an opportunity to discover and share their gifts and talents with others, explore ways to use their gifts in the workplace and in the community, and be reminded of how valuable they each are. After listening to Marci’s stories and participating in the workshop, whether you are male or female, whether you work for pay or as a volunteer, you will walk away encouraged to discover and share your gifts and talents. She will motivate you to use your talents to help others, and ultimately, inspire you to pursue your calling in life, knowing how valuable you are.
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