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Helping Your People Grow Residing in Esko, MN, Ted is a corporate trainer, professional speaker and consultant with his own business, Schick Corporate Learning. A retired naval officer who rose up from the enlisted ranks, Ted has over 28 years experience leading people. With over 18 years in teaching, Ted holds a BA Business from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, a teaching certificate from Bemidji State University, and Master of Education from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Ted is a Board member and past president of the Lake Superior Chapter of the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) located in Duluth, MN. Ted is active in his community with Mentor Duluth, Spirit Mountain Ski Patrol, Rotary, and Animal Humane Societies. In his spare time, Ted is a stand-up comedian, a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor as well as an accomplished triathlete. SPEECH TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make-- and how to avoid them This keynote is truly my signature presentation—always a pleasure to deliver. A fun engaging look at the mistakes leaders too often make and more importantly, how we can avoid them and sidestep these common pitfalls. Filled with stories and examples, it has application to everyone in the room. Whether you are in charge of others or just lead yourself, we examine and discuss leadership from giving feedback to vision to emotional intelligence and mentoring. Follow Me! What the best leaders do to get people to follow Perhaps we’ve been lucky enough to have been lead by them--those great leaders who inspire us to excel and be our best. A lesson in the best leadership, this engaging presentation focuses on what the great leaders do to reach others--- to get others to follow them willingly. We examine the qualities of the best leaders--- from past to present. From our character to our outlook, we examine how we can employ these compelling attributes in our everyday leadership lives. Park, Neutral, or Forward-- What's the Direction of your Workforce Motivation? This is a practical look at motivation and what truly motivates our team members. Are they motivated extrinsically, intrinsically or both? We know people own their own motivation but as leaders there are things we can do to get the most from them and maximize their performance—from feedback to challenge to purposeful work and recognition. The Four Pillars of Customer Service This presentation is a fun practical look at customer service. Filled with stories and examples, we examine the 4 pillars of exceptional customer service—the experience, relationships, reputation, and problem solving/solutions. In addition, we examine 10 basic customer service behaviors—from our attitude to how we are with each other (the internal customer). Thought provoking and frequently requested, we can put this customer service knowledge to work for us today. Staying in the Game—10 Ways to Stay Motivated in your Fitness & Health Motivation in our fitness can wane but there’s ways we overcome our daily obstacles. A fitness instructor and certified personal trainer, Ted discusses the fundamentals of staying in the game in your fitness and health. In addition we’ll examining what holds us back and real and tangible ways to reach our fitness goals. Fun and practical, these are health and fitness tactics we can use today. The 5 Keys of your Professional Success-- Projecting the Professional You Professionalism is the foundation of your leadership success and this presentation is the lesson I open with when discussing leadership and new leaders. The 5 things we must do--we examine competency, accountability, loyalty, communication and image/character/conduct as it applies to building our leadership foundation. From the apprentice to CEO, we all must have these attributes to be successful—it starts here. Praise in Public--Reprimand in Private A comprehensive look at the role of feedback and performance management. We break down these crucial conversations into 3 categories-- Easy (appreciation), neither hard nor easy (performance reviews, expectations), Hard (dealing with negative performance, conflict) Tactics and important considerations for each. This presentation is filled with tools and real examples.
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