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Champion Your Own Success Charlotte talks about the importance of getting a handle on the money side of your personal or business life, and how to make better money decisions. She is also a motivational keynote speaker. She opens and closes conferences and events, for companies and associations that want to boost morale and inspire their people to do their best. A former Vice President of Investment Strategies at Ameriprise Financial, she developed a national initiative to provide investment and financial planning advice geared specifically to women. She served as the firm’s National Spokesperson on Women and Investing Issues. Charlotte gained expertise in the nuts and bolts of sales, marketing, business and leadership from her years at US Banks, Xerox and over 20 years at American Express. By taking risks, making mistakes and gathering information, she grew into the kind of expert that you can trust. Charlotte has made appearances on CNN and other national and regional media outlets. She is a weekly in-studio guest on Houston’s FOX26 ‘Your Money’ segment, and is also a member of the National Speakers Association. In 2010, Charlotte was selected by The Steed Society and Comerica Bank as one of the Top 25 Women of Houston, and she was a featured financial contributor in the November 2010 issue of Essence Magazine. Charlotte is the author of, "I Wish Someone Had Told Me: Financial Lessons Learned the Hard Way" The book was published December 2012 and is available on  Charlotte lives in NW Houston with her husband Ron and their daughter, Milan. SPEECH TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS Getting $mart About Money REGARDLESS OF THE ECONOMY Goal To provide information and tools to help you map out a plan, with the help of an expert, for your financial life that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. We all need a solid plan for achieving our financial goals, especially women. Why? Because of the life events, life stages, and unique challenges that women face. Women also take on many different roles throughout their lives, compounded with fluctuating markets, a challenging economy, never-ending media hype, and it’s hard to make sense of everything. It’s no wonder that a recent survey* found that only 23% of women feel “well prepared” to make financial decisions compared with 45% of men. The survey also found that Baby Boomer and younger women are “not prepared” for retirement. This session will help you move from being unprepared to feeling confident and being better prepared to work toward and achieve your financial dreams. Topics Covered • Knowing your numbers • Setting clear goals • Creating an investment plan • Investing early and often • Protecting assets • Staying informed Participants Will • Learn why planning is essential, especially for women • Understand how specific life changes impact our plans, and • Learn essential steps to ensure financial success. * Prudential’s 2012-2013 Research Study, “Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women” Ready...Set… GROW Goal To motivate and inspire attendees and provide them with a set of skills, to help conquer the daily challenges, that are sure to come their way. The past several years have been filled with change and challenge. Market and economic upheaval have taken a toll on everyone– both personally and professionally - we've all been impacted in some way. One of the keys to effectively leading, achieving goals and living the life we desire during times of change and upheaval, is resiliency....the ability to bounce back! It's a critical skill not just for surviving, but also thriving. Whether you find yourself in a comfortable routine at work, or you're launching into new territory with a new position/project, or you may even be stagnant and caught in a rut, this session is for you. Topics Covered • G.O. (get over it!) • Go with what you’ve got! • Go for a change. • Go with the right team. • Get moving Participants Will • Understand how to take your experiences – good and bad – and seize the opportunities they present. • Learn steps to bounce back from set-backs. • Understand how to reinvent yourself right where you are, and follow your dreams and passions. * Prudential’s 2012-2013 Research Study, “Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women”
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