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Hilarious.Interactive. Motivational. A Different Kind of Comedy.

Tim’s clean, character-charged comedy quickly found him opening for superstars such as Jerry Seinfeld and Steven Wright early in his comedy career and to this day. You might catch Tim on a Saturday night at one of his favorite clubs, Chicago’s famed downtown Zanies, but it was his razor sharp improv skills from his Second City training and his ability to quickly and easily customize inventive content that made Tim one of the most requested corporate acts in the country.

Tim is a communication consultant and professional comedian with over two decades of experience serving the special entertainment needs of the corporate community. Tim creates and performs original business humor, entertaining all levels of industry – from the Fortune 100, trade associations and professional conferences, to annual holiday parties, conventions and brainstorming retreats.

While Tim enjoys wielding his wit for his clients, he is also proud of his professional writing and directing accomplishments. Tim co-founded his production company to develop works for stage, film and TV. He has already written and directed two sitcom pilots, produced one, and his latest work “Leaving Iowa” was produced to rave reviews at actor Jeff Daniels’ Purple Rose Theatre Company in 2004, ran for over a year to more critical acclaim in Chicago, and, thanks to a publishing contract solidified in early 2008, is in production with several LORT theatres around the country. Tim is currently work-shopping his next stage production in Chicago.

Tim Clue’s Conference KickStart – TMI, TMC, TLT, TMA

Too Much Information. Too Many Channels. Too Little Time. Too Many Acronyms! Answering the call of all the meeting and event planners he has spoken with over the years, Tim Clue has finally figured out what every conference opening should have. After nearly two decades performing, speaking and hosting conferences and corporate events of all shapes and sizes, Tim says he has learned this valuable lesson: “Guess what? It’s not about me.”

Talking to conference and meeting planners around the country (and even the rare CEO who understands atmospherics and first impressions), Tim has put together the embodiment of their consistent wish list for the ideal conference opening mash-up.

Meeting Planners told him, “Launch my event with energy, but don’t condescend. Give me an opening that sets up and enhances my conference objectives.” Event Planners echoed, “Give me big laughs and liveliness, but provide content that highlights and feels directly connected to our task at hand.”

Playing host, improv specialist, humorist, facilitator and team-builder, Tim not only shakes off your attendees’ jet lag, he kicks off your conference with a distinctive and energizing fun factor, setting the pitch-perfect tone for facilitating more connections, communication and collaboration throughout the remainder of the conference.

Through a seamless combination of ultra-clean, customized humor and quick team-building activities cleverly mixed in with some original white collar improv, Tim’s conference opening will:

• Build up the Collective Energy;

• Expedite the rate of familiarity among attendees, opening a more active and potent dialogue for the conference;

• Jump start key issues while having a blast and some big laughs;

• And all in one hour tops, and nobody gets hurt.

Here are a few of the elements Tim might include:

•Synergy Sentence Improv

•Zodiac Probability Mind Bender

•Save the World, Save Your Company

•Aerobic Fun Fact Finder

What some clients have already said about Tim Clue’s Conference KickStart:

• I loved the pace – it was high energy, without being frenetic or goofy. Thoughtful, but fun.”

• It was like being at a private dinner party with a fabulous host!”

•Tim’s funny and reflective. He gives great insight into how to slow down the digital bullet train we all stress over and don’t know how to stop.”

• It was 9:00 in the morning and Tim whipped us right into shape. I felt like I’d been sipping a latte poolside, talking to old friends. Just great!”

•Tim Clue really did put the cohesive glue into our conference. It’s difficult to quantify, but he brought us out of our company shells just enough to make this conference fly by and prepared us for all the information he had to absorb. Please bring him back every year!”

Morale ROI-Motivation Through Laughter

This is Tim’s specialty. You choose the messages you want highlighted and driven home and Tim will seamlessly integrate them into his presentation. Bone-crushingly funny, dynamic, squeaky clean, and adept at finding the pulse of your company and splicing it with his unique brand of high energy interactive humor, Tim will make your event stand up and stand out. Your CEO will wonder how you ever found this perfect fit. Here are some of the topics on which Tim’s clients have asked him to focus:

•Teamwork and Trust

•How to Motivate in Difficult Times

•Attracting Great Talent to your Organization

Key Communication Techniques for an Effective Workplace – An Adventure in Confidence, Communication and Camaraderie
This is one of the most unique and exciting keynotes to come along in a decade. If you want your group to just sit and listen, then stop reading now—this is not your father’s keynote. If you’d like to be a part of an innovative, dynamic and interactive presentation, read on. Tim combines his skill as a professional comedian, writer, improviser, teacher and motivator to create a one-of-a-kind experience that touches on key communication issues in the workplace today: technology, social media, organizational pain-points, and how to find space and save time when space and time don’t appear to exist anymore. Tim’s presentation reflects the velocity, energy and reality of our fast-paced technological era. Unpredictable, collaborative, lively, and – most of all – unforgettable.

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