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Author and Renowned Tech Workplace and Leadership Expert
Staying ahead of the curve through non-stop technological change is every leader’s challenge. Being tech savvy is important, but modern leaders have to be people-focused too, believes Cheryl Cran, who brings effective strategies on how to combine these two critically important skills to increase profit, productivity, and drive business forward.

Cran, author of the forthcoming book Tech Savvy and People-Centered Leadership, instills in audiences why today’s multi-generational workplace requires more adaptability to change and technology than ever before. She also emphasizes increased collaboration, innovation, and leading change as the gateway to future business success.

Cran, who has a decade of proven experience in the banking and insurance industries, is the founder of the consultancy Synthesis at Work, where she coaches companies like Nintendo, Grant Thornton, and 3M as well as smaller entrepreneurial firms how to harness technological and people-centered, generational intelligence.

Cran’s insights on change management and business strategy have been featured in Forbes, The Globe and Mail, and Reader’s Digest, among other media. She is the author of multiple books on change management and business leadership, including 101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work, The Control Freak Revolution, 50 Ways to Lead & Love It, and Say What You Mean — Mean What You Say.

Cran expertly shows audiences how to create company-wide change while integrating technology and adaptability across the generations to increase team potential. Her energetic presentations include real-life examples along with practical solutions that leave audiences with the tools and mindset they need to increase individual and company performance.


Leading Change in a Fast Paced and Technological Workplace
This is the year of transformation and YOU are the transformers! This change and personal leadership keynote from motivational speaker Cheryl Cran is for leaders who are working in times of intense technological innovation and among multi-generational teams. Today should be considered a time of innovation that requires high levels of contribution and commitment from top to bottom. Cran believes that now it is time to focus on the future and move forward with aligned focus on vision and results.

Lead With 2020 Vision — Building the Workplace of the Future Today
What will leaders and their teams have to do to thrive today and beyond? In this presentation, keynote speaker Cheryl Cran explains how different generational attitudes are shaping where we work, how we work, and when we work. This keynote will provide insight, humor and creative ideas on how leaders can increase team buy-in through their 2020 vision.

The War for Talent – Finding and Keeping Good People Today and Beyond
We are in a war for talent. As quickly as people are being hired and trained, other industries are approaching and poaching talent. What can we do? Leadership expert Cheryl Cran provides tried and true strategies for attracting and retaining good people. It is time to create rather than compete when it comes to finding the right people and then provide leadership strategies to increase retention.

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