Rex Havens

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    Rex Havens
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    Communications, Comedy, Entertainment, Humor, Motivation, Inspiration, Teamwork
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    $10,000 and below

Comedian. Keynote Speaker. Author.
For over 20 years, Rex Havens has entertained and educated audiences around the world (50 states, 15 countries and counting) with his insightful observations about the hilarious miscommunications that populate our personal lives. He offers two entertainment-based shows, “Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned From My Wife” and “Bidding You a Fond ‘I Do’“, a theater-style show. After decades of working with companies of every size in literally every industry, Rex has also created the defining presentation on how to build and maintain successful interpersonal relationships at work as well, both manager-to-employee and colleague-to-colleague: One Big Happy Family!

Rex has been delighting comedy audiences for 20 years, in world-famous comedy clubs like The Improv, Catch-A-Rising Star, Funny Bones and Zanies, on television for Showtime, Comedy Central and Comic Relief, on radio with Bob & Tom and NPR, cruise ships worldwide, and corporate clients including GM, American Express, Texaco, 3M, Coca-Cola, IBM, Toshiba, Lowe’s, Johnson & Johnson, Ameritech, Proctor & Gamble, State Farm, Quaker Oats, Verizon and the IRS (“Working for the IRS is the only sure way to get money from them.”), and numerous non-profit and charitable organizations, such as St. Jude’s and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

A former college professor who made the unusual transition to the standup comedy stage in the ’80′s, Rex has always believed that laughter is the best defense against a confusing and challenging world. Rex’s take on marriage and family has propelled him to performances in all 50 states and around the world, including London, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Bermuda, Montreal, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Aruba, Rome and Cannes.


One Big Happy Family – Building Better Company Families One Laugh At a Time
Rex Havens spent his education collecting a string of initials after his name – BA, JD, MBA, CLU, CPCU, CSP – then honed his business acumen as a college professor of business and law and as an attorney* for a Fortune 50 company. But his natural gift for entertainment just wouldn’t leave him alone. So in 1991 he left behind the worlds of academia, business and law and took to the comedy stage, becoming a creature almost as rare in nature as a unicorn. The result is ‘One Big Happy Family,’ an hysterical analysis of the ways we miscommunicate at work and what we should all do to maximize the possibilities of our professional relationships.

Simply put, One Big Happy Family is the most entertaining communication and teambuilding seminar you will ever see. You’ll laugh like never before and come away with ideas and strategies which will make all of your relationships – professional and personal – stronger than they’ve ever been.

Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From My Wife!
Though it’s not a fair fight, and probably ought to be stopped, it thrives and rages for the most primal of reasons — it’s endlessly mysterious, fascinating and fun! Rex Havens braves this haunting, daunting battlefield armed with the only weapon essential to survival — laughter! Based on the only two truths Rex has learned about men and women — “I’m a man . . . and I’m Sorry!” Rex’s comedy routine is a fresh approach to an ageless subject, tongue planted firmly and cleverly in cheek, and dedicated to the notion that happiness lies not in victory, but in the glory and undeniable humor of the struggle. Yes, it’s not the destination but the journey…

Bidding You A Fond “I Do”
Bidding You A Fond “I Do” is a theater-style one-man comedy play. An uproariously funny, loving tribute to the many ways women enrich and enhance the quality of American life. Filled with not just laughter but also the thought-provoking give-and-take between men and women, husbands and wives that makes it all so endlessly fascinating and the game so much fun to play.

Quite simply the funniest show about men, women, family and marriage, with more laughs per minute, performed with affection and respect for the different worlds men and women inhabit. No bashing or cheap shots, just hilarious, original thoughts on marriage from the author of Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From My Wife.

Bidding You A Fond “I Do” is a riotous comedy by a man undeniably and admittedly in love with his wife, yet still able to mine even a solid marriage for the humor which results when males and females collide. The play is a beautiful message of laughter and hope for men and women everywhere. Videos and still photos appear on-screen throughout the play, adding not only to the humor but the overall visual effect of the performance.

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