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Optimism Expert
Dr. Mia Mulrennan has worked as an organizational psychologist and consultant for over 20 years in a variety of roles and settings, including a high-profile list of Fortune 500 companies. After working in outplacement consulting in her hometown of New York City, Dr. Mulrennan moved to the Twin Cities, where she spent close to ten years developing and implementing models for top-notch service delivery and talent practices in the hotel and hospitality industry. She worked at Marriott City Center, and at two exclusive luxury properties: The Whitney Hotel and The Saint Paul Hotel. While at The Saint Paul Hotel, her efforts directly led to the property earning 3M Corporation’s Service Excellence Award for five consecutive years.

After receiving her doctorate in clinical psychology in 1999, Mia transitioned into Human Resources consulting, specializing in talent assessment and leadership development. Over the next 13 years, she worked for several top consulting firms, including PDI Ninth House, DRI Consulting, and MDA Leadership Consulting.

In 2013, Dr. Mulrennan made the decision to carve out her own path, launching Rave-Worthy, LLC. In addition to the services she provides through Rave-Worthy, she also serves as an advisory board member and adjunct faculty with the University of St. Thomas and at Saint Catherine University in their Leadership Institute and Masters of Organizational Leadership programs. She is also adjunct faculty at Georgetown University in their Master of Hospitality Management program.

Mia has a passion for applying the tenets of psychology to business leadership, employee motivation, and customer satisfaction, particularly in high-touch customer service industries. She has particular expertise in talent assessment, organizational development and leadership programs, developing and supporting women leaders, and addressing generational differences in the work force.

Referred to as “the thinking person’s executive coach,” Dr. Mulrennan has helped countless professionals improve their work lives and careers. Her mantra is, “If you want to succeed in business, make it your business to understand people, including and especially your own.” With that philosophy, she has successfully partnered with dozens of companies – across a wide range of industries – in assessing and developing their talent, growing their leadership, and providing rave-worthy service.


The Optimist Gets Results: Doing the Cha-Cha with Two Left Feet
American writer Robert Brault ( describes an optimist as: Optimist: someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s a cha-cha. But what if you feel as though you have two left feet? This presentation will teach you some behind-the-scenes information about optimism and provide insight into how you can dance to the music no matter the circumstances. You will also be given tools to outline a plan that is individually customized to help you in taking those very first steps and then keep right on dancing.

How to Become a Motivations Mapper-Fostering Positive Change in Yourself and Others
You’ve heard it before: change is hard. Change is scary. But what if you could foster positive change in yourself and others each and every time? Human behavior and motivation mapping is the key. Motivation is nothing more than a psychological cause of an action or behavior, and learning to be a Motivations Mapper will help yourself and everyone around you during times of change. Learn a formula for leading and getting through change that will help make things easier, and a lot less scary.

Leadership and Compassionate Candor – Why Honesty is the Best Leadership Policy
The best way to establish credibility, influence others and lead with impact is to first focus on being honest with yourself in answering this question: are you a leader who knows communicates with compassionate candor? For many years, leaders have been told to foster having “Lion’s Courage”. Learn the reasons why Credibile and Compassionate Candor works better.

The Art & Science of Being a Team – A Model for Teaming Successfully
Do you really know how to be on a team and make that team successful? So many companies simply put a group of people in a room, shut the door, and say “Okay: Go!” Being a high-functioning team is truly and art and a science – understanding the art is the people side, the science, the technical and knowledge side. Leave with an effective framework and set of tools to help you lead and/or be part of a great team.

Conflict Management with Flair – Skills, Style, and Motivating Factors
Conflict is a natural part of human interaction, but addressing it well doesn’t always come to us naturally. Did you know that each and every person has different conflict mode styles? Learn how to find out your own style and grow skills in working with others in ways that will bring out the very best in everyone when conflict happens.

Have You Ever Felt Stuck?- A Path to Get Yourself Free
Have you ever been in a situation where you felt STUCK? This presentation will give you practical methods to determine whether or not you ARE actually stuck (defined as ensnared in a negative circumstance), the reasons why we are all vulnerable to getting there, and most importantly: how to best get yourself free.

The Forgotten Leadership Talents of Generation X – Who They Are, And How They Can Save Your Company
Generation X is known as being the Forgotten Generation. Remember them? They are the generation born between 1965 and 1980 who are sandwiched between the Baby Boomers and Millennials. They are now almost 50, and have leadership talents and strengths that have been overlooked and could very well save your company – and you might not even know it. Learn about these silent an overlooked Xers, and get the scoop on how they just may become the next great leadership heroes of Corporate America.

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