Dr. John Paling

  • Name:
    Paling, Dr. John
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  • Topics:
    Change, Communications, Humor, Motivation, Risk Taking
  • Fee Ranges:
    $10,000 and below

Conquers Risks, Builds Resiliency
John Paling, PhD is Research Director and Founder of The Risk Communication Institute. He provides keynote presentations and seminars to help organizations and individuals better understand risks and focus on building resiliency.

John is a pioneer in developing visual tools to assist in risk communication and has extensive experience working with industry, government agencies, the military and all areas of healthcare.

John has a lifetime’s experience in successfully communicating medical and scientific issues to the public. His company made the very first PBS NOVA television program 30 years ago (it won an Emmy); he was a speaker for the National Geographic Society at Constitution Hall for many years; he was an on-camera expert for Disney; he has produced Emmy Award-winning nature programs and is an internationally published author and researcher.

He serves as a good example of how someone with a passion for his subject (aided by his sense of humor and a library of wildlife films) can make what might appear to be a heavy topic into an appealing and even an entertaining and informative adventure.

John is also an experienced international speaker whose entertaining keynotes and value-packed seminars offer unique possibilities for meeting planners. Where appropriate, he can include memorable metaphors from segments of his National Geographic Society wildlife films that he narrates live to provide a distinctive “change of pace and change of style”

As an ex-professor from Oxford, John is uniquely qualified to provide cutting-edge information to healthcare and industry professionals. He has a track record of past clients that speak to his ability to stimulate and energize audiences.

His healthcare presentations offer the additional advantage of being eligible for CME credits.

Medics are from Mars and Patients are from Pluto
Doctor-Patient Communication
Informed Consent: Partnering with Patients
Ambassadors for Caring
Up to your Armpits in Alligators?
How to Communicate the Safety of your Products and Services
It’s A Jungle Out There!
The Survival of the Fittest

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