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Leading Authority on Sales and Sales Management
Jim Pancero has the most advanced, leading-edge “business to business” sales and sales management training available today. Everything he does is extensively researched and has one bottom line focus…to increase an organization’s strategic competitive advantage and market uniqueness.

Jim’s work focuses on sales organizations with high priced, large and/or competitively complex products and services. His information-intensive keynote speeches, training programs and in-depth consulting work detail his innovative selling processes and strategies for the new economy and global marketplace.

Even during a 60-minute keynote, Jim provides the most experienced members of his audience with proven, immediately usable advanced ideas to increase their competitive advantage and enhance their selling processes. His combination of humor and real-world examples evolved from his experience researching and training in over 80 different industries.

Jim has been directly involved in “business-to-business” selling for over 35 years. Six of those years were spent successfully selling the largest computer systems for the Data Processing Division of the IBM Corporation. During Jim’s prestigious IBM career, he earned several awards including the coveted “Golden Circle” designation annually awarded to the top 5% of their international sales force.

In 1982, Jim founded his advanced sales training and consulting company. Since then, Jim has conducted over 2,500 presentations or consulting days for 500 companies providing a career average of five events per client. Over 90% of Jim’s clients utilize his services more than once.


Will You Be Able to Attract The Best Millennials to Your Sales Team?
Where are you finding the best people to add to your sales team? How competitive will you and your company look to them so they want to also choose you? The Millennial generation (Age 20 to 35) is likely your greatest opportunity to replace your retiring “Baby Boomers.” Learn the different motivations, interests and opportunities you and your company have as you replace “Boomer’s” with “GenNext’ers.”

Learn how a different leadership philosophy and approach can maximize the performance of your next generation sales team. A detailed workbook and action guide will be provided to all attendees.

Topics that can be covered include:
• If you understand the cultural differences you will understand how to motivate
• Explanation of the differences between Boomers and Millennials
• How to adjust your approach to sales management and coaching
• How to create the best motivational environment for both Boomers and Millennials on the same team

SWAT Team Selling – Leading Your Team to a Competitive Advantage
Program Overview
How much control and direction do you have over your sales team? Today’s average top producing senior “baby boomer” sales team is difficult to coach and lead, fiercely independent, and is very selective in the companies they sell to and even which of your products they sell. They also tend to reject any attempts to coach or direct their selling efforts. Due to this independence the average sales manager today does little coaching or leadership but instead focuses all of their efforts on merely supporting their sales team with special pricing, expediting, problem solving and customer thank you calls.

But sales teams this reactive in their selling efforts only tend to produce “market average” results, after all you can only coast downhill.

Learn the sales leadership “best practices” that can most impact your market share and profitability. As the leader of your sales team you can implement the coaching processes and selling “best practices” that can provide you and your team with a stronger competitive advantage and profitability moving forward.

Topics that can be covered include:
• The benefits of “SWAT Team Selling’s” structures, processes and leadership
• The five steps to successfully shifting to a “SWAT Team Selling” leadership approach
• How to establish a simple entry level sales training process
• How to establish ongoing sales coaching and account planning
• How to organize your selling year into proactive “selling campaigns”
• How to establish a culture of ongoing learning, growth and team

You Can Always Sell More When You Increase Your Sales Planning and Selling Process Controls
Program overview:
How many moves ahead are you thinking and planning as an experienced sales professional? And how are you identifying and then following the best selling process to increase your competitive advantage?

Have you divided your year into pre-defined “Selling Campaigns” to increase your consistency and effectiveness? Selling success today is based on your ability to proactively plan and control your multi-stepped selling process as well as to organize and focus your plans for your selling year.

Learn how you can best apply these advanced selling steps to help you lead your customer to want to buy from you…even at a higher price!

Topics that can be covered include:
• How many moves ahead are you thinking and selling?
• How to take more proactive control of your customer and their buying process.
• Understanding and applying the tactical selling steps and objectives selling to an established customer.
• Understanding and applying the tactical selling steps and strategies to win long term business.
• How to best use your entire selling team in your tactical selling plans.

Six Questions to Evaluate the Competitive Marketing Health of Your Business
Program overview:
The business environment is dramatically changing. Are you and your business working at your competitive best? Aimed at the experienced business owner, executive or manager, this information-intensive program will help you identify both your best areas…and areas offering the “best” opportunities for growth and improvement.

You will be provided with several tests to help you measure your “Marketing Health.” You will also learn if your sales force, sales management team and E-Business strategies are truly blended into one cohesive and proactive voice.

Questions to be asked include:
1. Does everyone know who your best customers are?
Explain “Strategic Qualifiers”

Test – Write down the attributes of your “best” or “core” customers?

2. How many messages are you taking to your markets?
Explain “Strategic Message of Competitive Uniqueness.”

Test – Write down “Why, based on all the competitive alternatives…”

3. How many “Hellarewe” birds are on your sales team?
Explain the “Hellarewe” bird (3 ft bird living in 4 ft grass).

Test – What are you going to do on your next call? Second? Third?

4. Are you a “Swat Team” or a band of “Independent gunfighters”
Do you have a set of defined “Best Practices” for your team?

Do you have “selling process” sales managers or just “transactional” sales? Managers?

Test – Ask your sales managers – What is the job of a sales manager?

5. Are you talking to your markets with one voice or two
Strong Internet presence? How strong is your social media presence?

Test – Ask newest customers – How much impact did our “electronic” presence have on your buying decision? What reference information did you utilize?

6. So What Do You Plan To Do About It?
A detailed program workbook will be provided to all attendees.

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