Chez Raginiak

  • Name:
    Raginiak, Chez
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  • Topics:
    Adversity, Attitude, Goals, Motivation
  • Fee Ranges:
    $10,000 and below

Inspirational Speaker for Educators, Businesses and Students

In 1985, at age 25, Chez Raginiak escaped from communist Poland. After six months in an Austrian refugee camp, he came to the United States with no money, no job, no family, and only a few words of English. He worked day and night to learn English and understand American culture.


Chez is now an active and involved American citizen, a successful business owner, and an acclaimed motivational speaker. In his book, My Escape To Freedom, Chez talks through poems and reflections about his escape to freedom and provides a gentle but powerful guide for escaping all kinds of personal struggles and finding new types of freedom.


Chez’s story… An immigrant coming to America, a testament to the human spirit, an important reminder that we are free to live the life we choose.


Chez shares how to gain, confidence, success, respect focus.


Chez inspires audiences to achieve, flourish, make the most out of opportunities


Chez delivers, keynotes, motivation, humor, self-esteem.


Chez’s message is for companies and organizations, high school students, entrepreneurs and teachers.


Operation Appreciation for a Stronger Team
Employees can be engaged, more productive, loyal, and deliver better service and care!
But first, they need to be appreciated in the way that matches their appreciation preferences.
You can learn this powerful strategy very fast and apply it immediately with your team.
Don’t wait – the tough economy and global competition require that we provide the best service to our clients.

My Life Rocks
Effective and inspiring. You will never look at your life the same again. With his powerful and effective message, Chez will change your outlook and the outlook of your team and the chemistry of your event by instantly improving everybody’s attitude. If you want to be ready for the good, the bad, and the tough tomorrows, this presentation will elevate your heart, mind, and soul.

40 Rivers of Love, Forgiveness, and Appreciation
This program will move your audience, and heal and renew their hearts and souls. It’s based on a true story of visiting 40 rivers in 10 countries in 40 days. Find out why Chez did this, and how it will help you love, forgive, and appreciate more.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
I’ve got great news for you—you don’t have to be a millionaire to eat good food and exercise. Our affordable foods are loaded with preservatives, sugars, salts, and ingredients with names that we can’t even pronounce, while our expensive food is “natural”—ironic isn’t it? Processed food, intended to make our lives easier, contributes to obesity and poor health. In our pursuit of an easy, efficient lifestyle, our technological advancements changed the way we live, too. We became automated, our daily tasks rendered effortless—from elevators to remote controls, cars, microwave ovens, TVs, and computers. Life at our finger tips no longer requires exertion—our “natural workout” is for the most part eliminated.

But notice how you feel when you are healthy. It changes your attitude, your outlook on life and others—it’s good! This program raises awareness of unhealthy traps, and brings practical, effective solutions to implement in our lives. A fit body influences positive thinking, youthful energy, and not only helps you look better but feel wonderful again!

Let’s appreciate what we’ve got by making it better and stronger.

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