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Once upon a time, Steve Rizzo was told by a guidance counselor that he didn’t have the intelligence for college. And having been saddled with the dubious high school honor of being voted “Least Likely to Succeed,” Steve didn’t give himself much of a chance to emerge as anything special, much less a world-class comedian or Hall of Fame speaker. Years of negativity had led him to believe that dreams were the luxury of only a fortunate few. Steve went on to surprise everyone, including himself, by excelling with honors at the university and post-graduate levels. Eventually Steve even taught at his old high school, proving once and for all that guidance counselors are not fortune-tellers.

Perhaps the most unexpected aspect of Steve’s career was the stellar degree of success he achieved as a national headline comedian, with opening acts such as Drew Carey, Rosie O’Donnell and Dennis Miller. He shared the marquee with Ellen DeGeneres, Rodney Dangerfield, Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld. Steve starred in his very own Showtime comedy special, earning him honors as a Showtime Comedy All-Star.

“[Steve] used to be a stand-up comic, but now he’s a speaker who is inspiring people all over the world”.
Drew Carey

But the surprises didn’t stop there. At the pinnacle of his stand-up career, Steve walked away from comedy to pursue his true purpose and passion—to teach people how to be happy and successful no matter their circumstances. He traded his standing ovations as a stand-up comedian for more fulfillment (and yes, more standing ovations) as a motivational keynote speaker.

Steve has shared his blueprint for personal and professional success with audiences across the globe. He is a member of the prestigious Speakers Hall of Fame—an honor bestowed on fewer than 200 speakers worldwide since 1977.

Steve is the author of the best-selling book, Get Your SHIFT Together, and is often called upon as the “go-to” guy on the topic of personal development for many network, cable and radio media outlets. His immensely popular PBS special brought him into millions of homes and revealed why he’s an expert on Attitude, Humor and the Power of Positive Thinking.


Get Your Shift Together: How to Enjoy the Process
Acquiring a healthy state of mind is essential in order to produce quality sales, quality customer service, teamwork, and communication. Rizzo will show your group how to overcome the everyday pressures that can stifle productivity and creativity in the workplace, while enjoying the process.

Drilling for Optimism: Tapping into Our Most Valuable Natural Resource
In times of economic distress, opportunities don’t disappear; they simply manifest in new and different ways. Optimism is the key to being able to recognize these opportunities when they arise. This program examines the real power of optimism as a currency that creates storm-weathering attitudes and allows the flexibility to identify alternate routes to success, even in this severe economic climate.

The Atti-Tools for Success
This highly energetic and entertaining program unlocks the secrets to the power of permanent change and a lasting positive attitude. You can be sure that your group will be feeling fantastic and walking away more productive than ever, not just for a day, but for a lifetime. Learn why Rizzo is known by so many as the “Attitude Adjuster.” “What you think is what you get”, Steve Rizzo.

Rizzo’s Heroes: Leadership Secrets from Near and Far
Prepare to be inspired and motivated in a whole new way in this exciting program based in part on the extensive and incredible media interviews by Steve Rizzo of top CEO’s, industry leaders, and everyday achievers. Rizzo will tell you inspiring stories of extraordinary leaders and their leadership secrets.

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