Marci Rossell, PhD

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    Rossell, Marci
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Former Chief Economist of CNBC, High Energy Speaker
Marci Rossell electrifies audiences nationwide, speaking on the nexus of economics, politics, culture and the media. Her animated style was honed when she served as the popular, lively Chief Economist for CNBC in the months immediately following September 11th. She takes complex economic issues, often dull in the button-down business press, and makes them relevant to people’s lives, families and careers.

Prior to her career in broadcast journalism, Marci served as Corporate Economist and Investment Spokesperson for OppenheimerFunds, one of the nation’s largest mutual fund companies.

Before moving to Wall Street, she was an expert witness for Deloitte and Touche in court cases involving economic issues. Marci began her career as an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Marci earned a PhD in Economics from Southern Methodist University, where she was named one of the Young Alumni of the Year in 2002. She brings a world of experience–from Main Street to Wall Street–when discussing the U.S. economy, international events and movements in capital markets. Her creative, thought-provoking commentary will ring in the audience members’ ears well after she leaves the stage.


A Roadmap to Economic Recovery
All financial crises follow a pattern, and the current U.S. experience is no exception. As a Federal Reserve economist, Dr. Marci Rossell followed the Asia Crisis of ‘97. As chief economist for CNBC, she explained the financial market turmoil sparked by the September 11 terrorism. And now she continues with her groundbreaking explanation of just how we got into this mess and how we get out of it.

Dr. Rosell….
•Began her career as an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas for 3 years and served as an expert court witness for Deloitte, one of the world’s largest professional service networks

•Worked as a corporate economist and investment spokesperson for one of the nation’s 7th largest mutual fund companies (OppenheimerFunds)

•As a former Chief Economist of CNBC, Marci directed awareness of the estimated 440,000 viewers to the financial market turmoil initiated by the terrorist attacks on 9/11 at a time of some of the highest ratings in the history of the network.

•Known for her authenticity and high energy speeches, 100% of audiences feel Marci connects with humanity, making complex economic issues relevant to people’s lives, families and careers.

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