Matthew Sanford

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    Sanford, Matthew
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  • Topics:
    Change, Inspiration, Leadership
  • Fee Ranges:
    $10,000 and below

Founder of Mind Body Solutions, Author, Nationally Recognized Yoga Teacher

Matthew’s core message of personal and organizational transformation is powerfully practical for a wide variety of audiences. His inspirational story of realizing opportunity in the face of change shows the way to better living, greater success and increased purpose. He connects with audiences nationwide, including corporations, major conferences, healthcare organizations, universities, colleges and national yoga conferences.


Matthew shares his personal story in his critically acclaimed book Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence. Waking not only received two book awards, but was also reviewed in many national publications. “I wrote a memoir, not to tell you something about me, but rather to show something about the mind-body relationship,” he notes.


Matthew’s remarkable story and workshops inspire audiences, engage employees and lower health care costs. At age thirteen, Matthew’s world turned upside-down when a devastating car accident killed his father and sister and left him paralyzed from the chest down. Matthew transforms his harrowing story into life lessons for individuals and organizations alike. Matthew shows audiences the courage to transcend.


Matthew’s inspiring story and interactive approach engage both the minds and bodies of his audiences. Participants do not simply sit passively and listen. They stand, stretch, breathe and connect to a deeper sense of purpose. Matthew’s speaking and workshops increase employee engagement and retention while reducing health care costs. His approach has been quantitatively proven through a study on employees at a leading healthcare facility.


He teaches traditional students yoga and is a pioneer in adapting yoga for people living with disabilities. The fact that he teaches people in both demographics tells you something not only about Matthew, but also about yoga. “We all live on a continuum of abilities and disabilities,” he says. “The principles of yoga apply to all people, to all bodies.”



Realizing Opportunity in the Face of Change
When things get tough, whether in home-life or in the workplace, what part of us steps forward? Having survived a devastating car accident at age thirteen, Matthew has transformed his resulting paralysis from the chest down into a remarkable story of hope and potential, and life lessons that improve the effectiveness and quality of living. In this interactive presentation, Matthew brings participants inside the mind-body relationship to uncover a practical reservoir of inner strength, one where challenges are not simply overcome, but met head-on with a mixture of wisdom, will and mind-body connectedness. Participants also gain insight into managing stress.


Mind-Body Wisdom: A Key to Effective Leadership

All too often, people in managing positions take care of everyone else but themselves. This is not sustainable. Matthew draws upon his extraordinary experience with trauma and loss, as well as paralysis and yoga, to emphasize the vital role that self-care plays in effective leadership. Caring for both mind and body is much more than a personal health strategy. It is wisdom that increases energy levels, improves interactions with others and creates a healthier work environment. In this interactive presentation, participants will gain practical yet profound insights into their own mind-body relationships, as well as receive insights on managing stress.

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