Dr. Tom Steiner

  • Name:
    Dr. Tom Steiner
  • Location:
  • Topics:
    Change, Communications, Customer Service, Engagement, Innovation, Inspiration, Motivation, Sales, Stress, Trust
  • Fee Ranges:
    $10,000.00 and below

Dr. Enter”TRAIN”er
Dr. Tom Steiner has worked as a Director of Corporate Training, University Professor, Elementary School Principal, Stand-Up Comic, Rock and Roll Guitarist and part-time US Postal Employee. However, he credits most of what he has learned to drivng taxi cabs and selling door-to-door in New York City. He knows what makes people tick and he talks about it!

ENERGIZING the Work”PLAY”ce: Retaining Your Best Employees and Maintaining Commitment to the Mission
Converting High STRESS into High ENERGY
MOTIVATION Without Money: Rewards for the Heart, Brain and Funnybone
Developing and Maintaining HIGH TRUST Relationships
OPTION Thinking: Dealing with Every Situation
The Art of “SELLING” Your Products/Ideas
Business in the EXPRESS Lane: Creating FAST Organizations
Top Of The Line CUSTOMER Service: What Separates the BEST from the REST
Communicating with High CREDIBILITY
Creating an INNOVATION Environment
“UnCommon” COMMON SENSE for the Next 5 Years

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