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Keynote Speaker | Mindfulness Expert
Imagine your to-do list is done. Your day – no, your WEEK – is highly productive. And the energizer bunny is jealous of your energy levels. That describes personal development expert Theresa Rose on a slow day.

Like most people, Theresa used to look for more hours in the day and dreaded the tasks on her to-do list. And then she discovered how the power of mindfulness reduced distractions and increased her ability to get more done in less time. Since then she has worked with organizations from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies to increase productivity and boost bottom-line results.

Today, Theresa is an energizing catalyst who transforms cultures and mindsets for growth-minded organizations and individuals to play big and create the outcomes they want. She will help you cut through the noise to become a high performing ninja while figuring out how to actually relish life instead of enduring it.

Theresa has seen how the power of mindfulness can create exponential growth in your business and in your personal life. She knows the secret to milking more out of the day so you can enjoy every To-Do.

Clients, attendees and followers are magnetized by Theresa’s powerful-but-playful energy and the mind-body mastering strategies she shares on the stage, the page and the screen.


How to Mindfully Engage and Negotiate with Difficult People
Let’s face it. Navigating relationships with companies, colleagues, and customers isn’t always smooth sailing. Just imagine how much more successful you and your team could be if they understood how to lead more effectively. Close more deals. Collaborate with positive intention. Innovate with energy. And communicate in a way that creates purposeful partnerships at every turn.

Theresa Rose is the go-to expert when it comes to making relationships work, both personally and professionally, by integrating first class success strategies with a kicker secret — an approach that uses mindfulness to propel productivity and results. Get ready for your team to achieve higher and higher levels of success while balancing results with purpose.

In this highly-engaging, value-soaked program, you will learn the secrets to:

• Working with different (and difficult) personalities so you can maximize each exchange in every situation
• Understanding how to present yourself in the best possible light to get the results you want
• Developing a teflon mindset when experiencing less-than-desirable behavior from others
• Transforming underperforming, unhealthy relationships into powerful, long-term collaborations

Perfect when: You want to have better relationships at work and at home. Make more money. Close more business. Enjoy work instead of enduring it. Create stress-free days.
Not good if: You are okay with leaving money on the table and letting other people occupy your head rent-free.

Mind-blowing Leadership: What Powerful Leaders Do to Deliver Big, Fat Results
Deadlines are looming. Productivity is plummeting. Expenses are at an all-time high. Your people are tired and might be looking for better opportunities. Leaders of today must engage their teams in a new way if they are expected to retain the best talent and stay ahead of the competition.

The best leaders create the space and time to lead with greater focus. Improved presence. Stronger influence. Better bottom-line results. Make the smartest decisions that have the greatest POW factor. Coach your team to previously-unimagined levels of performance. And most importantly, leave work at work.

Discover management effectiveness strategies that will maximize your performance all day, both at work and at home. You will create more of what you need (time, money, and energy) and less of what you don’t (headaches, hassles, and hiring nightmares, to name a few).

Business growth expert Theresa Rose will help you create a culture of empowerment and elevate your team to rock star status. In this no-woo-woo program, you will learn the keys to:

• Improve your focus so you don’t waste precious time on distractions and fire drills
• Increase your clarity on what truly brings value to you, your organization and your team
• Develop a daily regime of game-changing practices that will supercharge your energy
• Create the critical space needed for innovation, collaboration and smart decision-making

Perfect for: Leaders, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and anyone who works with other people
Not good if: You think you can do it all by yourself

Manage Your Time Without Losing Your Mind
The weekly planners. The productivity apps. The overstuffed calendars, stacks of lists, and endless obligations that are coming out the wazoo. There’s just too much to do, and time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping away from you.

What would it be like if you could make more time? What would you do with it? Imagine not only how much more you could get done, but who knows? You could even carve out a little bit of time for yourself every once in a while.

You can become a master of your time instead of its servant. Learn how to make more space in your calendar — and in your life — so you can pay better attention to yourself, your relationships, and your work.

Theresa Rose is a time-bending ninja who will uncover the hidden time-suckers that keep us from focusing on what is really important and arm you with proven time-generating tactics that will give you more hours in the day. In this practical, powerful program, you will discover how to:

• Leverage nine critical aspects of your work and personal life using Theresa’s proprietary Mindful Productivity Model
• Master your schedule so it works with your lifestyle instead of stealing from it
• Streamline the systems in your home, office and personal life to reduce costly time-wasters
• Reduce distractions that eat away at your day

Perfect when: You feel like you never have enough time to do what you want to do. Have a challenge with balancing work, home, and personal priorities. Have more stress than you care to admit. Lose sleep over everything you have to do.
Not good if: You are a person of leisure with unlimited resources to create a cushy life.

Cannonballs in the Pool: Charging Through Change with Guts and Gusto
Things are changing. Too fast. Every day brings with it another challenge that is pushing you to the brink. It’s hard to keep up. You know that if you don’t get on board soon, the train may leave the station without you.

Leaders and top performers know that they can’t stop change; instead, they turn change on its head to benefit from it. Instead of complaining about how hard it is, they dive right into the unknown with guts and gusto.

You can shift your mindset and take smart, strategic action that can catapult you to success both at work and at home. When you jump into change like doing cannonballs in the pool, you will be the envy of those sitting on the sidelines, timidly wading into the frigid waters of the unknown.

Personal development expert Theresa Rose will share the secrets on how to embrace change instead of cringing from it. In this energizing, content-rich program you will learn:

• Discover how to increase your energy so you can effectively deal with the headaches that change often brings
• Take purposeful actions that will move you through even the most difficult transitions with ease
• Be a positive force and influence when others around you are flailing
• Make friends with discomfort, fear and loss of control so you can sleep at night

Perfect when: You are faced with a changing landscape at work or at home. You are dealing with increased rules, processes, regulations and paperwork. New technologies. Shifting priorities. New faces. Anytime you aren’t in control of your environment.
Not good if: You are tightly invested in the status quo and aren’t willing to grow.

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