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Minor League Baseball Team Owner, Entrepreneur, Author, Fun Is Good
The name synonymous with fun at the ballpark has expanded into companies across America. With the beliefs that anything is possible and passion drives performance Veeck created the wildly successful Fun Is Good business philosophy. Following in the footsteps of his father, legendary promotional genius Bill Veeck, Mike extends this zeal and his modern, revenue-driven model to inspire organizations across the country.

Veeck’s beliefs also continue to blaze new trails every baseball season. After all, who else would hire a dog or pig to deliver baseballs to the umpire, a Roman Catholic nun to give massages, mimes to perform instant replays or lock fans out of the stadium to set an all-time attendance record for fewest people at a game.

The Veeck family started in baseball nearly a century ago when Veeck’s grandfather was president of the Chicago Cubs. Veeck’s father, Bill, was a Hall of Fame owner with the St. Louis Browns, Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox and the then-minor league Milwaukee Brewers. Famous for so many occurrences at the ballpark, Bill Veeck will always be remembered for signing Larry Doby, the first black man to play in the American League and for sending 3 foot, 6 inch Eddie Gaedel to the plate for the Browns in a 1951 game against Detroit. It is with the belief that anything is possible and no idea too silly that Veeck operates his ballclubs.

Veeck is the part owner of five baseball teams including the Charleston RiverDogs, and is a consultant for one other. He has served to put fun back into baseball while proving his ideas are not specific to sport. An advertising professional, coveted public speaker, founder of the Veeck Promotional Seminar, and all around idea man, Veeck has recently released his first book, entitled “Fun is Good,” describing how this simple philosophy leads to success in any business.

Veeck has spoken and entertained groups at companies such as 3M, the NBA, General Mills, and NASCAR.

Veeck and his wife Libby, reside in Mt Pleasant, S.C. He is the father of two children, William “Night Train” and Rebecca.


Fun is Good
In his book, Fun Is Good, maverick marketer Mike Veeck presents his simple, no-fail formula for business success: Make work fun and you’ll create a culture of creativity where the best people will want to work and the customer will want spend their money. At the heart of the philosophy is the need to reexamine the way we do business, from employer-employee relationships to customer service. The Fun Is Good philosophy not only has worked to make enjoyable evenings for everyone at his ballparks—full of laughs, zany promotions, and free giveaways—but it has also transformed half-dozen money-losing or start-up teams into thriving $25 million businesses.

The Culture of Customer Service
“Customer service, the lifeblood of any business, has become a lost art, in large part because we’ve forgotten how to have fun work.” By making customers laugh, Mike Veeck and his half-dozen baseball clubs have built brand loyalists and fans for life. Taking cues from Texas A&M professor, Dr. Lenn Berry, author of Discovering The Soul of Service, Mike Veeck outlays customer service as the lifeblood of an organization. He highlights some of the greatest ideas are born simply by listening to your customers, as they know your business best. Stressing the need for a company-wide effort, Veeck names all members of an organization—with owners and executives on the front

People Are Your Only Real Asset
“The way you make a living is directly connected to your soul.”

Mike Veeck knows that every business begins and ends with great people. He believes and has seen first-hand that “fun” companies will attract some of the most talented and creative minds out there. “Keep them,” he says, and further “Challenge them — keeping people on edge forces them to develop new skills, and improves the company.” In his book, Fun Is Good, Mike Veeck and implementing a Fun Is Good

Avoid BADvertising
You always want them talking about YOU. There are so many ads out there, the key is to make people think—humor them.

Sales, Marketing and The Fear Of Failure
Mike Veeck says “Nothing keeps the walls from the door more than laughter.” Often times what he hears is “I love marketing—I hate selling.” And why not? Society teaches us to be fearful of failure. What the world needs is less use of the word, “no.”

What’dya Mean You Can’t Do It…I Did!
“Try standing up sometime and talking about how you’ve succeeded…Then tell em’ when you screwed up and they can’t love you fast enough.”

Baseball Junkie’s Stories
Enough Said.

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