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The Pitbull of Personal Development and Author

Larry Winget, the Pitbull of Personal Development is the best-selling author of Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get A Life and New York Times bestseller It’s Called Work for a Reason!. He teaches universal principles that will work for anyone, in any business, at any time, and does it by telling funny stories.

 He believes that most of us have complicated life and business way too much, take them way too seriously, and need to lighten up, take responsibility, and keep it all in perspective.

Larry Winget is a philosopher of success who is unique in every way. From his style to his delivery there is simply not another speaker like him. He teaches universal principles that work for everyone from the janitor to the CEO. Blue collar, white collar and no collar audiences enjoy his straightforward approach to life and business. He pulls no punches about
what it takes to be successful yet entertains and makes you laugh while stepping on your toes.

Edgy, cantankerous, sarcastic, opinionated, and hilarious, Mr. Winget is a one-of-a kind presenter who audiences demand time and time again. Without ever mincing words–much as in his writing–he delivers the cold, ugly truth in a way that is provocative, interesting, and funny.

A member of the International Speaker Hall of Fame, Larry Winget delivers fast-paced, high-energy keynotes that are both educational and funny!


The Truth Be Told
This is Larry’s most popular keynote address and pulls material from 3 of his bestsellers, Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get A Life, It’s Called Work For A Reason and People Are Idiots And I Can Prove It. In it, Larry attacks traditional business wisdom and offers simple truths in his caustic, thought-provoking, and hilarious style. He offers a realistic approach that will work for anyone, at any time and in any business. The principles he discusses are the foundation for true success and can be applied to life, money, parenting, customer service, sales, leadership and more. He is known as the Pitbull of Personal Development, the Rockstar of Personal Finance and has been called the King of Common Sense and this speech reflects all of those monikers.

It’s Called Work For a Reason
This is perfect for any audience that wants a general business message that is based on personal responsibility, hard work and excellence. It can also be tweaked to refine the focus of the message on leadership, sales, or customer service. It is full of great stories just like you are used to from Larry, and has the caustic wit and humor that Larry is so well known for. So it’s still informative, thought provoking and hilarious – in other words, it’s Larry at his best only more of it.

How To STOP Getting By and START Getting Ahead
Larry has become a financial guru to many people because of his work on A&E‘s Big Spender, his appearances on CNBC‘s The Millionaire Inside, The Today Show, as a regular on Fox News and Fox Business and in his PBS special. This dynamic keynote is based on Larry’s #1 Bestseller, You’re Broke Because You Want To Be. In this keynote, Larry teaches that your financial condition is the result of your choices.

Your Kids Are Your Own Fault: 
A Guide To Raising Responsible, Productive Adults
In this program based on Larry’s Bestselling Book by the same name, Larry gives clear guidelines for what each parent must teach their child in order to create success, financially responsible adults with a strong work ethic, who know how to give their word and keep it and live their lives based on honesty and integrity.

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