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John Sileo

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Identity Theft Prevention Expert, Award Winning Author
John Sileo's identity was stolen by a business insider and used to embezzle $300,000 from his clients. The exposure destroyed John's company and consumed two precious years as he fought to stay out of jail. Combining real-world experience with years of study, John became an award-winning author, trusted advisor and leading speaker on managing privacy and reputation in an economy plagued by digital overexposure.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000

John leverages his story of transforming risk into reward and the emotional connections it creates to evoke the skills of instinct, inquiry, and initiative that empower his clients to take control of their data exposure before it's too late. John is the CEO of The Sileo Group, which advises clients on balancing risk, defending privacy and multiplying profits by building a culture of deep trust.

John's body of work includes engagements with the Pentagon, USA Today, Blue Cross, the FDIC, Pfizer, 60 Minutes, Homeland Security, AARP, Anderson Cooper, Prudential, The Washington Post, the Federal Reserve, Fox Business and organizations of all sizes.

John graduated from Harvard University with honors and spends his free time with his amazing wife and two highly spirited daughters.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Digital Spies, Hackers & Online Attackers: Bulletproofing Privacy in the Information Economy
Every move you make in the digital world is tracked, recorded and exploited. Tools like smartphones, iPads, cloud computing and social media have shifted the competitive landscape in favor of cyber-savvy users, prompting a question: Are you in control of your digital footprint, or are you being controlled? Are you protecting the information your people share on social networks? Are mobile devices and free Wi-Fi a recipe for costly data exposure? If you unknowingly stack the deck in favor of cyber criminals and competitive spies, the results could be devastating. However, if you utilize technology to your advantage, your bottom line benefits. This presentation highlights current data privacy trends as well as practical, tactical solutions.

Think Like a Spy Crash Course: Aggressive Identity Theft & Fraud Countermeasures
Identity theft and online fraud are destructive side effects of information over-exposure. Due to the power of personally identifying information, we must leverage formidable tools to protect everything from Social Security numbers to bank accounts, from passwords to intellectual property. John delivers those exact tools in a highly interactive, surprisingly humorous presentation inspired by his personal loss of more than $300,000, his business and two years to the ruthless consequences of identity theft. John will help your audience to “own” their identities-to take responsibility for their sensitive data. Developing a personal, emotional connection to data protection benefits everyone’s bottom line.

Social Engineering Self Defense: Fraud, Deception & Manipulation Detection
Human beings are always the weakest link in the security, privacy and profitability of your information assets.
And they are the most overlooked, least expensive weapon in the fight against fraud, data breach and profit erosion. But you can’t train people to detect and deter deception with a dry Power Point presentation. Your audience needs to experience the feelings of fraud first hand; they need to understand the brain science behind manipulation.

In this highly interactive session, John takes a deep dive into the tools and tricks used by social engineers. By building reflex-based awareness around how tools like Facebook, trust shortcuts, ego stroking, greed appeals, and cortisol flushing enable social engineers, John will dramatically reduce the threat profile of your executives, employees and even your customers. Instead of your weakest link, those same humans will become your first line of defense.

The 7 Secrets of Smart Social Networking: Overcoming the Fears & Risks of Sharing Online
Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter are no longer just tools for teens. Whether as a communication device used personally by your employees, a marketing tool employed by your corporation or an intelligence-gathering device used by your competitors or enemies, the implications of social media on business privacy are breathtaking.

Social networking is immensely powerful and is here for the long run, but you must be aware of social networking dangers and then learn to harness and control the power. John Sileo’s presentation targets businesses and individuals alike who want to proactively control their social media privacy footprint.

Cyber Security Crash Course: Digital Defense for Non-Technical Leaders
At the heart of most data theft is lax cyber security: a broad term that will cease to intimidate you after this presentation. Technology evolves so quickly that people fall behind the digital curve and feel overwhelmed by the prospect of protecting the very data that underlies their wealth. In this state, decision makers tend to freeze, make excuses and assume that there is no reasonable, cost-effective way to protect their data. That assumption is both wrong and dangerous.

This crash course forges a high-level, non-technical path through the sometimes confusing web of computer security, mobile technology, Internet connectivity, online privacy and cloud computing. In cyber security, you don’t have to do everything, just the right things. John’s presentation focuses on these triggers, including the most critical aspect of cyber security – human behavior.

Bulletproof Your Business Against Data Theft: Extinguishing Costly Privacy & Security Hotspots
Identity theft and corporate data loss are a huge financial cost and legal liability to corporations and organizations. It is imperative in the information economy to train your work-force on how to protect company data and information assets, whether they are digital, physical or intellectual.

Once your audience has a framework and common language for protecting their own sensitive information, the same tools can be easily adapted to protect valuable corporate data, including the mobile office, cloud computing and social media. Audience members will leave with strategies to successfully protect your company’s data.

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