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Leading with Empathy & Compassion During Times of Change and Uncertainty

Communicate with empathy. It sounds simple. But often, communication is lacking during times of change and uncertainty. I recently shared about how to communicate better in a noisy world, but the importance of communication is only amplified when things are changing and the future feels uncertain.

This topic is not new or novel. Communication has always been important. A recent Harvard Business Review article talked about the importance of not only understanding the audience, but attempting to meet them where they are during times of change and transition. Organizational change is hard, even when there isn't a global pandemic. Employees want to know what is going on, what the future holds and regain a degree of security.

To communicate with empathy is not something that comes naturally to all. But the ability to communicate better and with empathy can be learned. Today, I'm featuring five speaker-experts on leading through change. Each approach to leading through and navigating change highlights the importance of communication.

Leading Through Change

  • Dr. Michelle Rozen offers powerful, science-backed strategies that give leaders actionable solutions and the confidence to lead their teams through rapid changes and substantial challenges. Key takeaways include: 1) Understanding change resistance and the tools to address, 2) Mastering the C.H.A.N.G.E. Model to lead change with confidence and 3) Outlining a powerful 5-step plan to support your team through change.
  • Dan Heath knows we all have things we want to change—in our families, our businesses and our communities. He shares specific tools – and inspiration – to make change happen, for the change leader who is struggling to make progress.
  • Nick Tasler knows change is inevitable. It’s not when change will happen, because change is constant. Mastering change is about accelerating growth and inspiring transformation. He shares five key decisions to super-charge your team’s growth and productivity.
  • Beau Lotto says, “The biggest mistake we can make in uncertain times is to think we know.” The only way to thrive in a rapidly changing world is to change with it. We know that. But the biggest barrier is in our heads. Learn to celebrate uncertainty, ask questions, search and discover – the foundation of all progress and breakthroughs.
  • Dr. Janet Lapp wants to know what would happen if everyone in the organization saw the positives, not the problems in current changes. What would it look like if people broke out of their molds, pushed their boundaries and developed a new set of skills? What if people knew how to change immediately? Learn to guide yourself and others through ambiguity and uncertainty in a positive and productive way to keep morale high and develop the courage to face new obstacles and challenges.

An Audience-Focused Approach

What do all of these speakers have in common? They approach change with the audience in mind. They know the importance of meeting people where they are, understanding the barriers to change and identifying solutions to more forward toward something more productive.

If you find yourself navigating a significant organizational change and struggling with how to lead through, consider one of these speakers to help you communicate with empathy while building positive momentum around the need for change. Contact us at to learn more.
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