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Meet Our Leader!

August marked the birthday month of Preferred Speakers' original leader, J. Warren Burke (1921-1994), aka, our dad! We LOVE birthdays and we LOVED our dad! He was smart, funny, curious, interested in everyone, well informed and as the pictures show, great athlete! Operating a speakers bureau was a natural fit! Businesses are constantly changing but the characteristics of a great leader remain the same. Tony D'Amelio, a well respected agent in our industry, wrote an article A Career as a Speaker Bureau Agent, and in it he highlighted the skills it takes to be a speaker bureau agent. Just a few are: Insatiable curiosity...about people, what they do and why they do it. They're learners. Storytellers...just like the people they are recommending. A strong moral compass. A sense of responsibility. These characteristics are the foundation of any great leader!
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