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Preferred Speakers Book End the Human Resources Professionals Spring Conference

Scott Schwefel, Author of Discover Yourself, opened the conference with his “Communicate in Full Color” presentation! In this session he shares insights about how truly great organizations communicate more effectively, and deliver better results because they do. Understanding how personality fits into our jobs, the people around us as well as the individuals who may work above and below us in the professional hierarchy, adds another factor to an already complex arena of life. Personality in the workplace is often underestimated – with individuals with different working styles, jobs, backgrounds, and ages, his discussion will demonstrate that, utilizing the strengths of each personality type, is vital to the success of professional environments. Coach Boston closed the conference with her talk, Next Level. This presentation focuses on how to prepare leaders for the changes in their organizational demographics, and how to use that knowledge to prepare for continued professional success. As the winningest coach in the University of Minnesota women’s basketball history and now top-performing, ICF senior executive coach, keynote speaker, and author, Pam Borton’s life’s purpose is dedicated to taking individuals, teams, and organizations to the “Next Level”. Pam stands apart with 27 years of high-level, Division 1 coaching experience, including 12 years as head coach at the University of Minnesota.
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