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Annie Meehan

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This powerful successful woman, with heart and determination, will awaken your audiences to action.

Picture a Firecracker in your presence. Annie's light and spark sets the listeners on fire. They can't sleep, text or drift. The sparks fly and the audience comes alive with laughter, interest, and no more excuses.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below
Phone: 800-328-6008

Annie Meehan, keynote speaker, award winning author, and Exceptional Life expert.  As a keynote speaker, Annie is committed to transforming achievement from good to great by teaching people to rewrite their excuses into successful accomplishments.  Speaking internationally as an expert on living an Exceptional life, she will motivate, inspire, and teach your audience to remove the road blocks that stand in the way.  Her audiences walk out with a “WOW” factor that includes practical tools to immediately impact their lives both professionally and personally.

Having corporate, associations, and non-profits as clients, Annie provides actionable strategies to manage change, recognize the power of words in customer/employee experience, and eliminate excuses that keep people from attaining their goals. Her undeniable passion and engaging presence inspire people to take action.

Prior to becoming a speaker, Annie worked for an investment banking company for 9 years, compiling multiple promotions.  After leaving the corporate world, she owned and operated 2 fitness franchise locations, grew and lead a 250+ member direct sales distributorship, and began speaking on the topics of health and wellness.  Annie is a National Speakers Association (NSA) board member and currently resides as the president of the NSA – Minnesota chapter.

Annie is an author of 5 motivational books that includes her award-winning book Be The Exception and her newest book, Pineapple Principle. Annie has three adult children and lives in a southern suburb of Minneapolis with her husband and two dogs (Peanut & Leo).  She loves volunteering in the community, traveling with family, and walking (or being walked) with her dogs.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:


Best Audience:  Corporate, Conferences, Associations

How do you want people to remember you? What will they remember about you? Will you have touched them? Did you smile and make them feel special?

In this presentation, you will discover that we may never be called the Expert in life but each and every one of us can be the Exception.

We can offer more kindness than we receive, be curious instead of judgmental and overcome any and all circumstances that come our way.

We can break the rules that do not serve us anymore to become the Exception. Just because we have always done it this way does not mean it should not be challenged to see if there is a better way. Who is ready to become the Exception?

1. Be Honest¦The Truth truly sets you free
2. Be Open¦You might be surprised and grateful for what comes in when we open ourselves up
3. Be Healthy¦It is never Selfish to take care of ourselves, Your Health is one thing we can't replace
4. Be Flexible¦Change is inevitable, How do you deal with it?
5. Be Gentle¦Be patience with yourself and others, life is full of challenges.
6. Be Couragous¦Be Brave, Take on the big stuff, stand up for yourself and be ready to take risks!
7. Be Authentic¦If you are not true to yourself, your story &; your message who will be? Be Proud of who you are.

Exceptional Leadership
Leading a Life of Impact

Best Audience:  Corporate, Conferences, Associations

It’s still true: leadership is still leadership and leaders affect others through influence.  To enlarge your sphere of influence you must push yourself to grow and to learn.  In her purpose-to-impact message, Annie teaches about being purpose-driven, intentional, and adaptable to change with an easy 6-point format.  In today’s marketplace, the path to success and business growth is through the engagement level of your team.

Keynote · Breakout · Workshop

Outcomes & ROI:

• Increased employee engagement
• Motivated workforce – leading to increased sales
• 6 proven strategies to create positive change
• Improved and enhanced relationships

Exceptional Goal Setting
The Ride of a Lifetime

Best Audience:  Corporate, Conferences, Associations

Goal-setting is a basic business fundamental.  Everyone knows how.  Or do they?  Effectively setting goals can leapfrog you ahead of your competitors.  While taking you on a real-life ride of a lifetime, Annie will share her goal-setting successes by mapping out and creating the necessary steps to help you achieve success and maximize performance.

Keynote · Breakout · Workshop

Outcomes & ROI:

• Cultivate a mindset of self-efficiency, resilience, optimism and grit
• Dedication to the goal setting process
• How to influence others to achieve your goal
• To reach beyond your comfort zone and become your best possible self

Exceptional Wellness
The 5 Keys to a Wellness Lifestyle

Best Audience:  Corporate, Conferences, Associations

The concept of “wellness” is all the rage everywhere in social media. Yet success in a wellness lifestyle requires attention to much more than just food and movement (diet and exercise).  Annie’s “CANES” philosophy represent 5 key lifestyle elements that contribute toward your overall health and well-being.  Don’t make resolutions, create habits and achieve goals.

Keynote · Breakout

Outcomes & ROI:

• The “CANES” 5 lifestyle elements success system
• Gain mental clarity
• Change old thinking patterns and negative emotions
• Build a confident mindset

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