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Bob Sansevere

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Journalist, Author, Media Personality
Who is Bob Sansevere? This veteran journalist, author and media personality, in describing himself, notes that, œI'm charismatic, wildly entertaining and remarkably insightful, and if you're even a fraction as impressed with me as I am with myself, you're going to love what I have to offer.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below
Phone: 800-328-6008

What Bob can offer, in a style all his own, is something completely different from the usual suspects of inspirational speakers. That's because Bob's life work in the media has been an amazing three-decade journey across an American landscape of winning, losing and everything in between, from high school heroes to the Super Bowl. And the lessons he's learned along the way on this journey have something everyone can relate to. In fact, with Bob it's all about the journey. When Bob steps up to microphone, he has one and only one goal “ to take everyone in the room on a journey. His journey will take you to towns you never heard of and places you want to go, full of everyday people and national celebrities, some funny, some sad “ but all sharing the same simple message: Embrace the Journey.

Bob's colorful narrative and stinging wit bring industrial-strength commentary to the simple things in life that often mean the most. His larger-than-life on-stage presence turns up the energy level in any room. He is an animated choreography of insight, anecdotes and chuckles “ all punctuated, when you least expect it, by an incisive heartfelt wisdom that delivers a one-two inspirational punch that people are sure to carry with them long after they've left the room. Bob's a powerhouse monologist of the first order, and can deliver a funny and thought-provoking speech that can engage and enrich people in your group -- and inspire them to tap into their œinner winner. Whether it leads to a significant work-related accomplishment or a life-enhancing achievement, Bob's words will encourage your group to Embrace the Journey.

Bob is a sports columnist and a former member of the KQRS Morning Show, the highest-rated morning show in America. Bob also has been a contributor to several TV news and sports shows, including ESPN's First Take. Bob spent eight years as a member of the Orono City Council and, with his wife, Mary, has been a foster parent for more than 15 years. Bob has written a book entitled, The Best Minnesota Sports Arguments. And calling on his background as a multiple national chion in the horse show world, Bob has designed with Jostens, an internationally known jewelry company, official chionship rings and pendants for two horse registries.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Embrace the Journey
This is the root message in Bob's speeches. Drawing from his own life experiences and the lives of famous people he has covered and gotten to know as a newspaper columnist, journalist and radio personality, Bob uses crackling wit and crack observations to lay out for you how athletes and non-athletes too often fixate on attaining a goal. And how they fail to cherish -- or, at times, even acknowledge -- all those special moments that tick on by as they chase that goal.

A multiple national champion in the horse show world, Bob knows what it takes to succeed and also what will taint the chances for success. While he may not unlock every secret in the world during his speech, he will tell you and your group, Don't fear success. Embrace what it takes to achieve it. (For no extra charge, he will use bigger words and better sentence structure.)

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