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Brian O’Malley

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Adventurer, Mountaineer, Author, Award-winning Photographer

Brian O'Malley gives state-of-the-art multi-media programs designed to move and inspire audiences through spectacular photography, engaging music and compelling narrative.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below

His programs are woven together with personal anecdotes and humor that encourage and entice audiences to set goals, embrace challenges, pursue dreams and take intelligent risks. He brings a wealth of insight from his travels around the globe and his experiences as a firefighter, paramedic, police officer, and SWAT team member.

He was a member of a climbing expedition to Mount Everest and experienced the wilderness of five continents. Acquiring the skills of an adventurer is now a prerequisite to business success in a world radically altered by global competition and high-tech communications.

Brian's gift is his ability to ignite passion and commitment within others through his stories of human courage and chronicles of individuals excelling against all odds to achieve the improbable. He offers managers, frontline service personnel, operations people and boardroom executives the tools to welcome work and life as an adventure.

Brian will take your group on a journey that allows each person to find the best within themselves and then stake claims to their personal summits. We each have an Everest that awaits our full attention and commitment. Every organization also has an Everest that demands the best from its people. Brian will prepare your organization for the climb and the victory that follows

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

The Spirit of Adventure
Brian's presentation is unique and speaks to your heart with riveting passion! His program incorporates a powerful blend of artistry and adventure. This multi-media show includes stories fueled from his past careers as a paramedic-firefighter, SWAT-Team member, police officer, Make-A-Wish granter, and Mt. Everest climber. Brian takes you on a journey that inspires you to face your own ˜Mt. Everest'. By applying the skills of an adventurer, you will gain a new perspective on your own personal goals and professional challenges.

What's Your Everest?
Following Brian's keynote address is the perfect time to capitalize on your inspiration and put it into action! Brian's leadership workshops are interactive group experiences, tailored around the company or organizations' topic of strategic importance and are adapted for the event's agenda or theme. Brian utilizes his ˜Leadership Wheel' to assess your leadership competencies. There is always wisdom to be found in the group. Brian asks powerful questions that increase awareness about what is important. He encourages you to explore your truth(s) and align your behavior with those values. Built in is a process and structure for accountability and for sustainable change. By applying the skills of an adventurer, you will gain a new perspective on your own personal and professional mountains. Warning! This is not for the faint of heart. If you are not ready to act upon what you want to achieve, acquire or become, do not attend this session!

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