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Bruce Christopher

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Psychologist, Humorist, Professional Speaker
“Laugh ‘til you cry. . .Learn ‘til you change!” These are the only rules that apply at a Bruce Christopher presentation.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below
Phone: 800-328-6008

At the heart of it all, what separates Psychologist-Humorist Bruce Christopher from the rest of the pack is his outrageously funny and dynamic delivery of today’s hot topics. He has captivated audiences internationally by giving them real and practical solutions for success, without fluff and hype.

His best selling topics consistently sell out to standing room only crowds at national conventions, corporate conferences and sales meetings. He has been honored to speak (twice!) at the exclusive Million Dollar Round Table Conference, the Royal College of Surgeons in London, the Mayo Clinic, and on the largest stage in the world.

Bruce has been called “America’s foremost Enter—Trainer today” by the American Heart Association, he has been listed in the “Mission Possible” project as one of twelve great Americans to watch, and he is a Clinical Psychologist holding degrees in both Professional Psychology and Interpersonal Communication.

As a credentialed professional speaker, Bruce’s client list comprises some of the best organizations in the world; he speaks over 150 times a year and is one of the most sought after speakers in the Fortune 500.

When you are faced with low morale, communication conflicts, customer service issues, managing change, the need for improved teamwork, or just need a great laugh and attitude adjustment. . . .this Psychologist is in!
Hire Bruce Christopher and here’s what you get:

1. Cutting Edge Content
As a CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST, Bruce works very hard on his content to make sure your group is receiving the latest strategies and technologies for personal and professional excellence. You will see it in your meeting when audience members have many “ah-ha!” moments and write down great ideas for change.

2. Contagious Comedy
Bruce believes: “When you’re laughing, you’re learning.” As a CLOSET- COMEDIAN, you can be sure that your group will burst-out with laughter as they bust-out of their old way of thinking. His mixture of “comedy with content” is what makes Bruce’s presentations memorable and unique.

3. Practical Applications
There are many speakers who just have a story or an experience to share, and then, well – that’s it. Bruce goes beyond fluff and hype to give your group practical skill sets which they can immediately apply in their personal and professional life.

4. Customized Presentations
When you look at Bruce’s topics, you realize immediately that he is a very versatile speaker. Bruce doesn’t talk on one or two topics over and over again; his range of subject matter is extensive and he customizes each presentation to hit the targets which you desire.

5. Reputation and Experience
You are not taking a risk with Bruce Christopher, his reputation is rock solid and he has the depth of experience which you are looking for in a speaker. His client list is extremely broad and his audiences run the gamut from high tech, sales, government, finance, civil service, retail, and customer service.

Whatever your organization does; it does it with people – and that’s where Psychologist and Humorist Bruce Christopher can help. By drawing upon his twenty years of speaking, training, and consulting, he will make your group “Laugh ‘til they cry. . .and Learn ‘til they change.”

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

STAYING ENERGIZED IN A DRAINING WORLD: The Power of Attitude in Times Like These
The most important thing about you is your attitude.

Studies have shown that people with a positive attitude -- get sick less often, have better relationships, and are more successful in their careers.
Attitude is contagious, and helps to create an energized work and home environment. We would all like to have a positive attitude especially in times like these.

Many people today are experiencing an “energy crisis” in their personal and professional lives. The objective of this program is to help individuals take control of their personal energy and re-focus it toward more productive behaviors.

In this humorous session, you will learn the power of a positive attitude and the secrets only OPTIMISTS know; you will discover how attitude creates success, shapes moods, and is contagious.

And, as a bonus, you will find out The Top Ten Reasons to Not Freak Out in times like these.

THE POWER OF PERCEPTION: How What You See is What You Get

It has been said that “Perception IS Reality.” We use our perceptions as a way to navigate through our world. Our perceptions form the foundation of what we call reality. But the reality is that many of our perceptions which we take for granted are in actuality illusions. For example, there is more space than mass in a solid oak table. Yet, we perceive it as being very dense and substantial. Glass is actually a liquid and is flowing from the top of the window frame to the bottom. Yet, we certainly don’t see its movement. These scientific facts demonstrate that we live according to our perceptions in the physical world.

When it comes to our relationships with people, our perceptions play an even more significant role. Our perceptions about others and ourselves can often create illusions, which hinder our success and our ability to perform at the highest level of achievement. How we perceive our co-workers, customers, teammates, and all the people around us has a profound impact on their morale, motivation, and performance.

The objective of this seminar is to show how “what you see is really what you get” in life. Our perceptions always take center stage in our personal and professional lives and form the basis of our prosperity and productivity. This session uses an interactive combination of case studies, videos, and discussion to help participants position their perceptions in ways which lead to success.


  • Find out why our performance is actually a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Explore the force of hidden messages, which we learned in childhood.
  • Learn how we unconsciously label people.
  • Track how easy it is to put people “in a box”.
  • Learn how to relate to people for who they really are.
  • Discover the power of your perceptions about people.


  • Increased understanding how “labels” affect others.
  • Discover hidden messages we have learned from childhood and the impact they have.
  • Understand how we unconsciously put people in a “box”
  • How to accept people for who they are and relate to them on their level.
  • Realizing that 80% of what you get back from other people originally came from you.
  • Messages you send to other people impact their ability to perform and maintain high self-esteem.
  • Recognize the power you have to change your relationships for higher performance.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: The Science Behind Success

What do the super-stars of success know that the rest of us do not? In this fast-paced seminar, you will learn the essential key ingredients to the science behind success. Why do some people just seem to rise to the top in their field? Why is it that some people have all the luck? You will learn how your E.Q. is more important than your I.Q. and how your attitude is more important than your latitude. Extremely Entertaining and Interactive! The new science behind success. What are the factors which lead to success in life? Not just financially, but in all the areas of our life; in our relationships, in our health, and in our career. This is a question for which we would all like to receive some answers.

BAMBI VS. GODZILLA! How to Deal with Difficult People

Difficult people are everywhere! They can be customers, co-workers, bosses, neighbors, even spouses. This program humorously reveals the six basic difficult personality styles that are out to drain you and your organization of vital energy. You will learn what they do, why they do it, and what you can do about it! You will learn how to stay empowered in the face of negative, reactive, and draining people – and have fun while you do it. Unfortunately, every business has its share of difficult people to deal with. Some may be customers, some may be co-workers -- but either case, dealing with them in a way that leads to success is a critical skill. “Bambi vs. Godzilla” helps participants understand negative behavior, and to increase their skill level in dealing with difficult personality types. The objective of this program is to increase the awareness of why difficult personality types act the way they do, and how to successfully implement strategies and techniques to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.


In this very humorous session, the audience learns the power of a positive attitude and the secrets only OPTIMISTS know! They will discover how attitude creates success, shapes moods, and is contagious. Great for employee motivation, sales and customer service training, stress, management, leadership and personal life attitude adjustments. Very funny, great stories, and excellent content.
Target this talk toward: Employee motivation, stressed out staff, and increasing organizational morale and performance


At the heart of any business is relationships – between team members, customers, and supervisors. Excellent communicators have better relationships at work and home. They climb the ladder of success more effectively, and achieve greater success. It is no secret that communication runs our lives. This session takes a very hilarious look at how men and women think, speak, and make decisions differently. Turn your audience into great communicators! A popular favorite for general sessions or an hour of comedy.
Target this talk toward: Team building, sales and communications training, working together, or an hour of comedy and learning


There are three kinds of people: Those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that say, “What happened?” Everyone secretly wants to be a mover and shaker, but fear of failure holds many prisoner. This highly interactive session will have the audience literally coming out of their seats by learning to leap from procrastinations and crash through comfort zones. Your group will learn how to make fears disappear, visualize goals, move forward and have fun doing it!
Target this talk toward: Individual & group motivation, team building & risk-taking, trying harder and going farther


Not all managers are leaders, and not all leaders manage! Think about it. What does it take to lead the charge and pull ahead of the pack? It all begins with you and how comfortable you feel “in the saddle.” The art of leadership is knowing how to lead yourself to where you want others to follow. This entertaining seminar will teach you how to get on the horse, lead the charge, and bring others along with you.
Target this talk toward: Management and supervisor training, enhanced employee esteem and performance


Life is change – growth is optional. How true! If there is one thing we can count on in life, it’s change: corporate reorganizations, down-sizings, mergers, technological advances. How can we keep up? This session shows how to become a SURF-RIDER, learning to ride the waves of change, instead of being overwhelmed by them. Your group will discover how to embrace the opportunities of change and yell, “Surf’s Up!”
Target this talk toward: Organizations in transition, scared employees, and creative management during times of change

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