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High Energy Speaker and Trainer
When Kit Welchlin steps up in front of a group, it’s as a teacher, an entertainer and down-to-earth guy. This approach has helped him earn the respect and appreciation of audiences for years across a wide variety of organizations. Often described as “high energy” and “entertaining, ” he weaves his special blend of entertainment with practical strategies that enhance listeners’ personal and professional lives. Because Kit’s goal is for each presentation to feel like a personal experience for the audience, he often customizes his content, sharing proven methods and techniques that are truly relevant.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below

The Pitbull of Personal Development and Author

Larry Winget, the Pitbull of Personal Development is the best-selling author of Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get A Life and New York Times bestseller It’s Called Work for a Reason!. He teaches universal principles that will work for anyone, in any business, at any time, and does it by telling funny stories. He believes that most of us have complicated life and business way too much, take them way too seriously, and need to lighten up, take responsibility, and keep it all in perspective.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000

Inspires people to get out of their comfort zone and get a front-row seat!
As a Front-Row Leadership expert, Marilyn inspires people to take charge of their career and life with dynamic keynotes and workshops that focus on three things: vision, goal achievement and having a ‘no-more excuses’ mindset.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000
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