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Charlotte Stallings

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Champion Your Own Success
Charlotte believes.....
• Focus beats brilliance.
• Leadership is a choice.
• Your tomorrow may be different as a result of what you do today.
• You'll never know an opportunity is knocking if you're afraid to answer the door.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below
Phone: 800-328-6008

Charlotte’s powerful blend of raw reality chased with just the right mix of humor, candor, and practical tools inspires audiences to shift their mindsets to enrich their impact on-the-job and in their lives. Without apology, finger-pointing or bashing, she challenges and informs listeners to move out of their ruts and into realization - to develop, master and maintain a mindset of momentum. With Charlotte’s straight talk, audiences are inspired to tackle the tough stuff, add more impact with every move they make, and show up at their best.

Charlotte has been instructing people on how to “master a mindset of momentum” all of her professional life. A former Vice President of Investment Strategies and National Spokesperson for American Express, she developed a sales and marketing initiative to help women investors throughout the U.S. This eventually launched her speaking business to prove to others that they too can achieve success.

Like so many people, she did not have a specific career choice in mind when starting out. She simply wanted to attain some level of accomplishment to help her family out of poverty. “I think this helped me to be a scrappy, go-getter type person. Nothing was handed to me, and we went without a lot, so throwing in the towel has never been an option.”

Charlotte is an inspiring speaker – down to earth and accessible – who draws on her challenged background which led to her achievement as a highly accomplished speaker, businesswoman and entrepreneur.

Charlotte's greatest joy is helping others improve their lives by teaching them what she knows. She understands that attaining success in your profession and in your existence requires the knowledge to recognize what is getting in your way, and the fearlessness to transform.

Dealing with work, life and finances can be challenging, but it can also be fun and energizing, and she
brings this type of attitude to every presentation.

Whether Charlotte serves as the opening or closing keynote speaker or leads a breakout session or other training event, count on this: her message guides each participant to face their fears, take charge and thrive!

Fortune 500 companies ranging from McDonalds to Hallmark Cards to the Association for Administrative Professionals have engaged Charlotte to electrify their audiences and inspire their teams to bring more to the table at work every day.

Charlotte never disappoints. Meeting planners, speaker bureaus, and clients who have seen and heard her message sing her praises. Always easy to work with, Charlotte seeks to add value to every event.

The author of I Wish Someone Had Told Me: Financial Lessons Learned the Hard Way Charlotte is a proud member of the National Speakers Association who has shared commentary for CNN, Houston’s FOX 26 Wake-Up Money, and numerous national and regional media outlets. She was recently named among the Top 25 Women of Houston. Married to Ron and loving parent to Milan, Charlotte makes her home in Houston, Texas.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Getting $mart About Money REGARDLESS OF THE ECONOMY

We all need a solid plan for achieving our financial goals, especially women. Why? Because of the life events, life stages, and unique challenges that women face. Women also take on many different roles throughout their lives, compounded with fluctuating markets, a challenging economy, never-ending media hype, and it’s hard to make sense of everything. It’s no wonder that a recent survey* found that only 23% of women feel “well prepared” to make financial decisions compared with 45% of men. The survey also found that Baby Boomer and younger women are “not prepared” for retirement. This session will help you move from being unprepared to feeling confident and being better prepared to work toward and achieve your financial dreams.

Topics Covered

• Knowing your numbers
• Setting clear goals
• Creating an investment plan
• Investing early and often
• Protecting assets
• Staying informed

Participants Will

• Learn why planning is essential, especially for women
• Understand how specific life changes impact our plans, and
• Learn essential steps to ensure financial success.

* Prudential’s 2012-2013 Research Study, “Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women”

Transformation Is AN INSIDE JOB

The goal of this presentation is to help attendees understand that in order to master a mindset of momentum, transformation and change must begin with YOU.

All the conferences, trainings and qualifications in the world, or bullet-pointed articles you read or experts you hire, won’t transform your career, team or life until you get incredibly honest with yourself. One of the keys to retaining great employees, producing outstanding work, leading productive teams or earning more money is examining your own mindset and motives + committing to doing the work to move from where you are, to where you want to be. The good news is, once you identify those obstacles and hold yourself accountable – you become unstoppable.

Topics Covered

• Personal accountability
• Changing the stories you’re telling yourself
• Taking the steps toward what you want

Participants Will

• Understand how internal transformations anchor everything
• Learn strategies to move from being stuck to getting started
• Understand the strength of living out your transformation, and how it empowers others

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