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Chris Johnson

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Chris Johnson is an international speaker, thought leader and best-selling author.

He is on a mission to inspire people to take small steps to healthy living through his signature REST EAT MOVE system. Chris is the founder and CEO of On Target Living, a global health and performance company. Chris travels the world teaching organizations and their people how to feel their best. These organizations, leaders and teams, have benefited from his unique approach, which flies in the face of convention by showing us how to unleash human potential and create transformation from the inside out. Chris loves to spend time and play with his five grandchildren. He lives in Michigan with his wife Paula and dog Floyd.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000
Phone: 800-328-6008

Chris Johnson is the world expert in unlocking human potential. As founder/CEO of On Target Living, Chris is a highly respected expert and accomplished executive, who has spent over 30 years researching and building optimal and performance programs for individuals and corporations. He is the architect of the Food Target® that shifts from counting calories to concentrating on the nutrient values of foods that guide healthy choices.

Chris likes to say he was ‘raised by wolves’. Growing up struggling with terrible skin and chronic health issues, he had no idea how his lifestyle affected his health. The doctors couldn’t help him, and despite all the medications they prescribed, his health did not improve. By his mid-20s, deeply frustrated and feeling hopeless, Chris set out to heal himself. On his quest, he learned how food affects the body, the importance of sleep, and why people need to move. these discoveries transformed his life. Conditions which plagued him for years disappeared, and his energy and attitude reached new heights. Amazed at how good he felt, Chris knew he’d found his calling, and needed to share his discoveries.

Today, Chris works with organizations to transform their performance from the inside out. He applies the principles of REST | EAT | MOVE to educate, engage and inspire teams around the world. Chris graduated from Michigan State University with Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and a received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics from Western Michigan University. He holds certification from The American College of Sports Medicine, The National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise and Certified Natural Health Professional. Chris earned and maintains a reputation of providing groundbreaking lifestyle modification strategies with integrity, humor and passion.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:


Smash limiting beliefs an superchatge your life with a dynamic 60-minute experience. Leverage the three critical On Target Living Principles to start building a perforrmance lifestyle.

Chris Johnson’s high energy, humorous and interactive style will engage and motivate your audience and leave them wanting to know more about what does “feeling your best,” feel like? A poor food environment, coupled with the demanding pace of modern day life, continues the downward spiral of health. In The Power of Feeling Your Best, Chris offeres focused strategies to achieve positive results. Exercise, healthier eating habits, and a good night’s rest all contribute to higher performance.

Let Chris share practical tools that will guide your entire organization to take immediate action, while inspiring everyone to reach for higher levels of energy, fitness and overall performance.


As the world speeds-up faster and faster, organizations and their people try to keep up. This pressure to do more with less has reached epidemic levels of concern and organizations are panicking on how to recruit, retain and attract the best talent for the future. Burnout, low engagement and overwhelming stress are jeopardizing organizations’ ability to scale and win. As outdated performance models crumble under pressure, internationally recognized health and performance expert, Chris Johnson shows you how to build and protect your most valuable asset — YOUR PEOPLE. Think about the organizational impact if your workforce was given fresh capacity to perform, lead and grow.


We all have areas in our life that we want to improve, and sometimes need motivation to help us get through the mud. Willpower is like a cell phone battery that will run out unless you plug-in and recharge.



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Target To Table Cookbook (2nd) – On Target Living


Capacity: Create Laser Focus, Boundless Energy, and an Unstoppable Drive In Any Organization: Johnson, Chris, Johnson, Matt: 9781119386971: Books

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