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Chris Meroff

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Every person has intrinsic value and is entitled to & deserving of fulfillment. 

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Chris Meroff would be the first to tell you that almost nothing in his upbringing predicted his future performance. For example, he is a lifelong learner but the structure of K-12 school stifled him. He is a voracious reader who balked at most of the books he was offered in his traditional school setting. He is a successful entrepreneur and transformational leader who never gave a single thought to going into business for himself until he bought and built his company MSB, into a thriving laboratory of cutting-edge cultural ideas. Yet every step along the way has been an important building block in a life of purpose.

Born in New Jersey but raised in New Hampshire, Chris learned early on the value of unconditional love and transparency from his parents. After graduating high school, he married, moved to South Carolina, started a family and began to work two jobs while also attending college. After a while, he realized that his life had become something he never intended and, thankfully, he had the fortitude to change it. He left both his jobs and college making his way back to Maine to work in his parents’ business.

In 2011, Chris took ownership of MSB, an organization dedicated to helping Texas schools navigate the labyrinthine world of accessing Medicaid funds for their special education students who need them most. Under his leadership it grew quickly into a successful enterprise with all of the potential issues and pitfalls that success can bring. With a strong sense of mission and great resolve he created a blueprint for a culture that would attract top talent and help them thrive in a fast moving, high growth environment. His north star for this effort was and is a simple goal: “I knew that I wanted an organization where people can be seen for who they really are,” he says. “How am I going to show up for people here, in a way that gets them to believe even more in themselves? How am I going to love people in a way that allows them to be something more than they ever thought they could be in the future?" Building that organization became his mission and life’s work.

Today, MSB is a company that employs over 170 people and those individuals will be quick to tell you that the unique culture there is unlike any other. All of the evidence says that Chris’ Alignment Leadership model is performing at the highest level. Not just because the financials say so, but because the people themselves do.

“It turns out that the template of love works everywhere,” he says.

Chris first book on the subject, Alignment Leadership, will publish in December, 2020. It will be long on both inspiration and practical tools for leaders and those who aspire to be. “I would like for readers to have hope that they can be fulfilled, either as a leader or an employee,” he says. “That there's more to all of the hours that they put in away from friends, family, and hobbies; that work doesn't have to be a drudgery that consumes most of our waking hours. You can integrate work and life and the result can be extremely fulfilling."

He knows it’s possible because he and his MSB team are accomplishing that every single day.

Chris lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Sue. They have four grown children, Ben, Liz, Grace, and Josh.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:


FOUNDATIONS OF ALIGNMENT LEADERSHIP (Offered as a virtual program)

• To develop a deeper understanding of how Alignment Leadership defines leadership
• To transform who can lead

Overview of Topic:
• Anyone can lead
• Transforming truth is found in authentic community
• Everyone has intrinsic value
• Leadership is loving and serving others towards fulfillment

This program is perfect for:
• ​Employees, leaders, or anyone struggling to believe that they can be a leader
• Leaders wanting to lead their people out of a desire to love and serve their people
• Anyone struggling to understand and claim their value
• Anyone desiring or seeking authentic community

The audience will leave with:
• A renewed sense of who they are and what they are capable of
• A renewed sense of purpose for leadership

If you feel like you have lost yourself in leadership or never thought you were good enough to even be in leadership this message is for you.

THE 4 STEPS OF ALIGNMENT LEADERSHIP (Offered as a virtual program)

• To abolish loneliness and misalignment among teams
• To create employee fulfillment

Overview of Topic:
• Create Culture - Purpose + Guiding Principles
• Create Priorities - Practical + Steadfast
• Create Value - Soft/Hard Skills + Task alignment/assignment
• Create Success - Reimagine the future for Greatness

This program is perfect for:
• ​Teams struggling with misalignment or getting on the same page
• Leaders struggling to get their people motivated and engaged
• Leaders wanting to love and serve their people
• Business owners wanting to create a company culture that prioritizes employee fulfillment
• Employees wanting to be fulfilled in the workplace
• Teams struggling with task assignment - who does what?
• Leaders feeling lonely and isolated

The audience will leave with:
• A desire to establish a purpose for what they do everyday
• Tangible steps on how to lead people towards fulfillment
• An understanding of how to shape and create the culture you want
• A deeper understanding of what their value is and how they can leverage that value in the workplace so that their greatness can be seen​

If you are feeling lonely in leadership, are misaligned with your team, or just have a deep desire to love and serve others, this message is for you.


• To help leaders discipline themselves in order to be a complete leader for their people

Overview of Topic:
• Discipline yourself to value people over results
• Discipline yourself to value learning over planning
• Discipline yourself to value shared fate over crisis

This program is perfect for:
• ​Leaders wanting to be better for their people
• Leaders that have been told they are strong in one area of leadership wanting to expand their skill set
• Anyone that avoids failure at all costs
• Anyone that can get bogged down by crisis, profit, a perfect plan, or wanting to handle it all alone

The audience will leave with:
• Tangible and practical ways to discipline themselves towards complete leadership
• A desire to find authentic community to hold them accountable and be vulnerable with
• An awareness of what their tendencies are in leadership

If you feel like you have to have all the answers, solve all the problems, and never fail, this message is for you. People, learning, and community are greater than results, a perfect plan, and solving the crisis.


“I LOVE learning from insightful leaders and Chris Meroff is one of the best. His ideas about aligning who we are with what we do every day are powerful. If you want to build a great team and do great things, pick up a copy of Align and get ready for amazing results!”

Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.


Chris Meroff’s terrific new book, ‘Align’, reminds us that all great leaders have one thing in common: They know it’s not really about them. It’s about others. And anyone can learn to lead with others in mind. This book can teach you how. ‘Align’ is sure to be the handbook for the next generation of great leaders.”  

Jay Coughlan, Former CEO of Lawson Software and co-author of Five Bold Choices


Chris Meroff has figured it out. As leaders, we can’t just keep propelling forward at breakneck speed. We have to stop from time to time . We have to take time to evaluate what we truly believe and then act upon it to the benefit of those we serve. Our team members and our customers will only thrive when we are aligned.”

Sara Canaday- Leadership Keynote Speaker ~ Author ~ Executive Coach 


My fellow Austin entrepreneur and author, Chris Meroff, has made a great leadership discovery: Align with your people and truly get to know them and they will do amazing things to accomplish your mission. In fact, your mission will become theirs! His new book Align is a practical and doable blueprint for the future of effective leadership.”

Jill Griffin-Author, NYSE Board Member, Speaker

I hold Chris in high regard as I have been witness to him not only building a thriving and respectable business, but also equipping and guiding individual members of his team in their personal and professional pursuits. I am continually inspired by his motivation to ensure his customers are receiving the best products and services. Chris has not only created a thriving and successful enterprise, but he has done so while greatly enriching the lives of the people who cross his path.

Darren Johnson - Co-Founder and VP of Business Development for Seas Education


Leading is so much about relationships. When you’re a leader, it’s all about influencing, and you can’t influence without having a relationship, and Chris is a master of that.

Cyndi Short, Ed.D - Executive Director of special education at Clear Creek ISD


Rarely do you meet someone that is this competent to lead and is also this confident to lead and also as comfortable as Chris is. When I see Chris with his people, he strives to help them grow into their potential, and that is rare. I've been around leadership for many, many years, and I teach leadership. Chris is at the top of the heap.

Col. Howard Short - USAF, Retired

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