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Dr. Jeff Salz

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Explorer, Anthropologist, Author, TV Personality
Jeff Salz is an advocate of NOT taking the safe, secure and conservative path. With a PhD in cultural anthropology, a Masters in experiential education and over a decade as a highly regarded university professor, Jeff presents a unique perspective on taking risks.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000

For the last nearly two decades, he has been safely guiding organizations through the turbulent seas of change and facilitating enhanced teamwork in organizations by helping them build 'cultures of authenticity'. He creates the foundation for adventurous thinking in your organization by presenting a unique perspective on taking risks. It's not the adventure that only occurs at rarefied air that he talks about... it's the adventure that occurs everywhere, everyday. He shows audiences that our life must consist of adventure for a truly meaningful workplace.

Jeff's best selling book, The Way of Adventure: Transforming Your Life and Work with Spirit and Vision, is a manual which assists organizations to keep the flame of adventure alive every day. To help audiences become leaders in their organizations, Jeff reveals his Six Steps to the Top - the tools adventurers use to be the best they have ever been. These tools include instructions on the œThe Hero's Journey “ the roadmap through change.



Speech Titles and Descriptions:

The Adventure of Change
Jeff's classic presentation stands the test of time because "change is the only constant." As a mountaineer, Jeff recounts his 30+ years of expedition experience with vivid and exhilirating graphics, and offers his wisdom and levity on staying calm, centered, and directed while facing the most extreme adversity.

Leading From the Inside Out
Using the ancient symbols of the Native Medicine wheel, the Tibetan Wheel of Life, the mythological labyrinth, and the archetype of Joseph Cbell's Hero's Journey, Jeff illustrates how the greatest leaders are motivated by passion, purpose, planet, and people. Jeff's heartwarming encounters in Latin America and the Far East are humorously woven with practical information about how YOU can find your true compass.

Global Culture Change: The New Phenomenon
A brand new, brilliant, down-to-earth exploration of Jeff's personal adventures living with a "modern" Mayan culture, combined with an anthropologist's toolbox for creating vital cultures as a competitive advantage. Always humorous, universally appealing, this presentation has the essential keys to keep all audiences inspired and rising to their feet.

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