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Dr. Romie Mushtaq

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Physician, Workplace Culture & Wellness Expert, Chief Wellness Officer, Evolution Hospitality

Fee Range: $20,001 – $30,000
Phone: 800-328-6008

Dr. Romie is a board-certified physician, award-winning wellness speaker, and the founder of “brainSHIFT at Work.” She brings together over 20 years of authority in neurology, integrative medicine, and mindfulness to not just deliver programs, but create cultural change.

She is on a mission to transform mental health and wellness in the workplace and currently works with Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, & global associations.  Dr. Romie is also the Chief Wellness Officer for Evolution Hospitality, where she scaled a mindfulness & wellness program to over 7000 employees.  Her expertise is featured in the national media such as NPR, NBC, TED talks, and Forbes.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

brainSHIFT: Leading a Culture of Wellness
(to be customized following pre-event call with client)
As healthcare and corporate America face record employee burnout rates, the answers are found beyond health fairs and lectures.  To change the state of our business and relationships, we must first address the state of our brain function. When we improve our brain state, we create a culture of wellness.

In this interactive session meant for leaders & changemakers, we will cover:

  • Are your employees stressed out, burnt out, or just bored?
  • What is the difference between a workplace wellness initiative and a cultural movement in your organization?
  • How the role of Chief Wellness Officer creates an impact in an organization.
  • Lessons learned from behind the scenes of scaling a mindfulness and wellness program to over 7000 employees in United States & Canada
  • Implement 4 leadership principles to create a culture of wellness in your organization.

3 Takeaways:

1. Assess: Are your employees stressed out, burnt out, or just bored?
2. Learn:  What is the difference between a workplace wellness initiative and a cultural movement?
3. Take Action: Implement 4 leadership principles to create a culture of wellness in your organization.

brainSHIFT for Teams: 3 Steps to Break the Stress-Success Cycle

brainSHIFT is not just a wellness program for individuals and teams - but has become a movement to restore sleep, sanity & foster a sense of connection. How often do you or your staff have: Difficulty focusing at work? Racing thoughts before bed? Feelings of stress or anxiety and end up with too many visits to the doctor with no real answers? It's time to get to the issue's core and break your Stress-Success Cycle.

brainSHIFT is based on medical research and the latest scientific data on treating stress and burnout in the workplace since the start of the global pandemic. Dr. Romie has shared brainSHIFT with over 300 teams, Fortune 500 companies, and global associations.

In this 60-minute interactive training, attendees will:

  • Score your current stress level - do you have a Busy Brain or burnout?
  • Implement three basic steps to lead with calm, decision, and precision.
  • Start a 7-day process to brainSHIFT from panic-induced symptoms to a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).
  • Join an interactive Q&A with Dr. Romie to get actionable stress management techniques.
  • Receive Digital Educational materials to implement wellness and sleep programs.
  • Learn practical mindful techniques to implement in the corporate workspace

brainSHIFT for Women Leaders: Brain Science of Success

Does it feel like the boundaries between your job, sleep, and personal life have disappeared? When you try to relax, do you have random and racing thoughts in your brain? The global pandemic has pushed women's brain and mental health to a crisis state. brainSHIFT is a scientifically based program that will help you optimize your brain function to promote high performance, sanity, and sleep. Let's brainSHIFT and learn the brain science of creating a conscious sisterhood.

Attendees will gain a unique perspective about:

  • Beyond berries and breathing: Let's get to the root cause of your Busy Brain
  • "Work-life" balance is a myth; implement the 3/30 method to balance your brain and then balance your priorities
  • Mental health and well-being answers for women's brains
  • How men can be allies using mindfulness-based techniques in the workplace

Power of Pause: Mindfulness to Transform Teams & Cultures

Change is a four-letter word that fosters fear. How will you lead your life without the worry and stress of change? Mindfulness teaches us that we are not just coping with "a new normal" but creating a new way of being. When we operate in the workplace from a subconscious realm of fear, stress-related symptoms of anxiety, panic, inability to focus, and insomnia predominate. The Power of Pause transforms us into mindful leaders who quickly face fears, rise above the panic, and find a path to calm consciousness. During this interactive mindfulness session, take a moment to pause, connect back to calm, and get refocused. We will practice scientifically proven breath and meditation techniques to use in the workplace and personally for improved focus, mood, and sleep.

Attendees will:

  • Learn what happens to the brain under stress. Do you or your team have a "Busy Brain?"
  • Practice the Power of Pause: brain science-based mindfulness techniques for personal well-being, sleep and focus
  • Discover how to bring mindfulness to the workplace and foster mindful leaders.

Dr. Romie presented our keynote lecture at Evo's leadership conference in 2016 and received the highest positive feedback of any speaker in our conference history. We hired her as a consultant to work with our senior executive leadership team, and then created a position for her as our Chief Wellness Officer. Her impact on our organization of over 7000 people is far-reaching to not only our employees, but also their families.
John Murphy, President Evolution Hospitality

You set the uplifting tone for the whole women’s leadership program. The way you opened was sheer perfection - the super animated greeting was so unexpected and put everyone in a different frame of mind. And you held everyone’s attention and kept them engaged. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you during every step of this process, you were so flexible which we really appreciated.
Lisa Bochner, Director of Business Development, Blank Rome LLP

Thought I would share what a wonderful time we had with Dr. Romie at our TPA Business Owners Conference in 2019. I feel so blessed to have met her and now having had the opportunity to have her present for Transamerica several times this year. I can see a long standing relationship with Dr. Romie and Transamerica, she had the highest engagement of any of our speakers. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to meet her first hand.
Cindy Villa / Senior Manager, Meetings & Events Workplace Distribution & Client Engagement, TransAmerica

You made it so turnkey and easy for us. Compared to our other vendors and programs, this one was easy & seamless.
January Cantrell, Director of Meetings and Events, AIG Financial Services

Your virtual event pretty much mirrors your in-person engaging events.
Jeannette Smith, Vice President, Leading Authorities

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