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Fred Schafer

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Strengthen You To Strike Back At Mediocrity! Moving You To Mastery!
Known across America for his dynamic, thought provoking, result getting and humorous speaking style, business consultant, researcher, scholar, author, entrepreneur, wellness coach and conference keynote speaker 55 year old Fred Schafer specializes in moving people to remarkable professional and career performance while also building stronger, more balanced and healthier leaders and associates.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below

He is the author of Strong Dreams Don't Die: A Guide to Leadership Wellness and 50FIT, an over 50 fitness lifestyle program, both of which will be released soon.

Fred has held high level management/executive/leadership positions and demonstrated the ability to achieve extraordinary results in a wide variety of professions. In his career he has set company sales and profitability records with multiple organizations and has received national recognition for best marketing and revenue improvement and recruiting and retention efforts and has received statewide (California) recognition for exceptional organizational and business leadership.

His additional achievements as the author of two books, owner of several thriving businesses, magazine columnist, business consultant, medical fitness trainer and nationally acclaimed keynote speaker (Presented hundreds of conference keynotes in 48 states since 2002) are a demonstration of his ability to continually apply the latest findings in maximizing human potential.
In 1995, with his expertise in building high achieving businesses, leadership development, and optimal wellness he founded "Fully Alive Performance Systems". Initially his company focused on coaching others one on one in business and income building strategies and fitness therapy (Medical fitness and injury prevention specialties). His first clients were many of the health care professionals he worked with in a hospital, including physicians, nurses and therapists.
Due to the results his clients were getting and the information they were learning, Fred began to receive invitations to speak at local businesses and organizations, community health events, government agencies and school districts interested in increasing organizational and employee performance and improving attitudes while lowering health care costs and workers compensation claims.

In 2002, Fred sensed a growing national need and began delivering his myth shattering, high energy, content filled and entertaining keynote and break out speeches to America's organizations from Florida to Alaska. He is now in demand as his depth of high performance knowledge and experience is unique. His mix of leadership experience in corporate business, public organizations and entrepreneurship combined with his expertise as a wellness consultant and medical fitness trainer gives him a broad range of understanding of how to motivate and bring out the best in ourselves and others.

He provides solid advice for improving professional and personal results with business and life challenges whether it be leading employees to excellence, maximizing revenues, improving the health and wellness of your leaders, recruiting and retention, service, or simply vision and passion for a more powerful, positive and productive future. Prepare to be inspired, refreshed and equipped to do better than ever!

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Striking Back at Mediocrity!
In this enthusiastic, humorous, inspiring and content driven keynote speech you will discover how anyone, no matter who or where they are or what challenges they face, can progressively, Strike Back at Mediocrity and move towards greater mastery of their professional and personal life.

This session is outstanding for kicking off any high performance business growth, leadership, dealing with change successfully, team building, management skills, sales/marketing, safety/risk management, health care, hospitality profession, back to school, extraordinary service or result improvement event!

Entering the High Performance Leadership Wellness Zone in a High Demand World
Through his keynote speech, Fred will teach you his High Performance Zone System which he has taught to hundreds of thousands of people from white collar, blue collar to no collar professions.

After hearing Fred's high energy, humorous and inspiring High Performance Zone System, audience members will be moved and empowered to improve their professional and life performance, strike back at mediocre health and wellness and pursue their career and personal dreams with greater tenacity.

Participants will also discover tools for becoming "world class masters" of their professional life, managing energy, time and stress and improving the quality, sustainability and results of their professional and personal lives while being equipped to move others to do the same!

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