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Gary Kunath

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Sales and Value Creation, Founder of The Summit Group
Gary M. Kunath is the Founder and former CEO of the Summit Group. He grew it to a multi-million dollar global enterprise that is recognized as one of the top sales training companies in the world by Selling Power magazine.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000
Phone: 800-328-6008

Gary M. Kunath is the founder and former CEO of the Summit Group. He grew it to a global enterprise and was ranked as one of the top sales training companies in the world in the field of value creation by Selling Power magazine. Recognized as a thought leader in the area of creating business value, he was named Businessman of the Year for the United States and was formally recognized for this achievement at a dinner hosted by the President of the United States. He has lectured in the Executive Education and MBA Programs of Duke University, University of Miami (Ohio), Emory University, Cornell University, Arizona State University, University of Georgia and the Citadel. He was a faculty member in the executive leadership programs of MARRIOTT, Lockheed, P&G, AT&T, and 3M. He is an equity partner in Bite Tech; exclusive makers of the Under Armours’ high performance mouth wear and was ranked by Fast Company in the top ten most innovative companies in sports in the last 100 years, just behind ESPN.

He was part owner of multiple professional minor league baseball teams, with partners Bill Murray, Jimmy Buffet and Mike Veeck. Ranked as one of the top ten best service companies in North America, they are famous for innovation around creating fun and redefining the customer experience.

His book, Life…Don’t Miss It; shares specifically seven steps that people and businesses can immediately apply to maximize happiness, joy and contentment in their life. He now speaks at major companies and business schools on elevating workforce happiness and how leaders can elevate their individual happiness and the happiness of those they lead. Happiness has become a vital topic especially in todays’ world and businesses have embraced it as a key vehicle to support their top people initiatives such as elevating employee innovation, promoting employee/family well-being, maximizing employee engagement and to maximize the overall health and wellness of their people. He was featured in major media outlets to a circulation of over 75 million people worldwide.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Happiness Is Calling For Business Energizing people for Peak Performance

This break-through virtual program is an exclusive and cutting edge program that people rarely see in the business world today. It contains breakthrough research of why happiness matters in business and how to directly maximize the happiness in peoples’ professional and personal lives. We cover the science of happiness and through group discussions, exercises and videos each attendee will apply these ideas directly to their own lives and leave with a personalized action plan they can immediately use. Perfect for companies that truly value their people and want to elevate employee/family well-being, take “mindfulness” training to the next level, reduce workplace stress, elevate employee engagement and innovation and improve workforce productivity and loyalty. Top companies know that happiness is the “New” engine of business and elevating employee happiness is critical as priorities of employees today have changed significantly particularly in we function in this pandemic. Workforce stress is at an all-time high, 80% of all millennials are actively disengaged at work and over 70% of employees would trade pay increases and promotions for employee/family well-being. This session was designed specifically to address these workplace issues.

We have delivered this session to thousands of people at such companies as Google, Marriott, Mars/Wrigley, Cisco Systems, Lockheed as well as at top business schools as Arizona State University, University of Miami, The Citadel and Emory University to name a few. People LOVE it!!! We also offer a follow up module where we track progress of the attendees and measure the level of improvement in each attendee. Fifty percent of your happiness is derived through intentional activity. We will share actions people can apply immediately to their own lives to maximize happiness and elevate their greatness at home and at work. Past attendees have stated that this session dramatically changed their lives for the better and that it was the best “gift” their company has ever given to them.

Gary Kunath, a celebrated speaker and author, takes you on a journey that is fun, moving and cutting edge. You will have never experienced a program like this and you will never forget it. He outlines a clear path on how to maximize happiness, joy and contentment in life and have the best life possible!!

Creating Business Value and Sales Innovation

In today’s highly competitive business environment, the ability to drive value beyond the product or service itself makes the difference between sales success and failure. This talk, Creating Business Value, provides sales people with a “Best Practice” value generation approach that is simple in its’ application yet hugely effective for winning business even in the most competitive environments. Gary shows the people how to creatively build value by leveraging organizational assets into the deal to differentiate their offer and generate higher margins and elevate the overall success rate of sales. Gary pioneered value creation and his approach called “Third Box Thinking” has generated over $300 Billion in incremental revenues and is in use by the majority of the Fortune 500 companies today. He shows people how to “think out of the box” and build innovative value based offers that impact their customer’s business well beyond the product/service itself. Through using this approach, you will protect margins, create competitive immunity, enhance the overall business to business relationship with key customers, and master the “Internal Sell”. Sales people will also learn how to build compelling value propositions for their customers and to quantify the value their offer generates in customer terms.

Building Business Insights

The Masters’ series In this session/talk we focus on how to read and interpret the dynamics and movements of a business, understand them and identify opportunity. Also covered is how to translate technical capability into business relevance and articulate the business outcomes your solution will have on their business. You will learn how to differentiate yourself by elevating your level of business thinking and business dialogue enabling you to gain access to senior decision makers and build powerful relationships for mutual gain. Discussion areas include understanding how top companies drive business relationships, what executives want and need from suppliers and how executives think, reading business dynamics and identifying sales and relationship opportunities and finally how to build instant credibility with top executives. This powerful 60-90 minute Masters’ session/talk is offered exclusively using the most sophisticated distance learning technology available today, so we can deliver this message virtually to a global audience.

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