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Jasmine Brett Stringer

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Jasmine Brett Stringer is a keynote speaker, award-winning author of Seize Your Life: How to Carpe Diem Every Day, on-air TV personality, and host of the podcast and lifestyle blog Carpe Diem with Jasmine. Jasmine is on a mission to help people live empowered and authentic lives. Through her Seize Your Life keynotes, workshops, and customized coaching sessions, Jasmine guides clients and audiences through a simple process to identify their goals and achieve their personal definition of success. 

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below
Phone: 800-328-6008

Jasmine Brett Stringer is a keynote speaker, award-winning author of Seize Your Life: How to Carpe Diem Every Day, on-air TV personality, and host of the podcast and lifestyle blog Carpe Diem with Jasmine. In the early 2000s, Jasmine was living her life like so many others — on autopilot, without vision or purpose — until she was given an unexpected gift. A layoff! As she said goodbye to her “corporate gig,” she realized she hadn’t been truly happy or fulfilled in years. So she chose not to stay miserable any longer and to do whatever work was required to find happiness wherever she could.

Today, Jasmine is on a mission to help people live empowered and authentic lives. Through her Seize Your Life keynotes, workshops, and customized coaching sessions, Jasmine guides clients and audiences through a simple process to identify their goals and achieve their personal definition of success.

Jasmine’s common-sense approach to creating a life of one’s own has inspired thousands of people worldwide to carpe diem! Jasmine has shared her positive message to corporate and nonprofit organizations such as Land O’ Lakes, Federal Reserve Bank, Airbnb, Cargill, Goodwill, Mondelēz International, Bayer, and the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. Jasmine inspires revelation and change by leveraging her experiences working with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Kraft Foods, General Mills, Toyota, Box Tops for Education, Fox Searchlight, Publicis Groupe, and the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN TV). Additionally, Jasmine speaks on how to effectively network and how to build synergy and develop interpersonal skills- core tools for living a vision-driven life.

Jasmine graduated from American University’s Kogod School of Business in Washington, D.C. She was named a Minnesotan to Know in 2021 by Twin Cities Business, Twin Cities Fearless Woman in 2017, and a Woman of Promise by the Girl Scouts in 2012. Additionally, she was awarded Distinguished Alumna of American University. Ebony Magazine featured her as one of its “30 Future Leaders Under the Age of 30 in America.” Jasmine is based in Minneapolis but can often be found two hours south of the city working with her husband, Roger, at the family farm.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Seize Your Life: Fulfill Your Vison-Driven Life

Tired of seeing others advance while you stay in the same rut? The truth is, personal success only comes when we start to bet on ourselves. In this inspirational program, Jasmine guides audiences on the journey to carpe diem by leading a vision-driven life. She identifies how to unlock the barriers that keep us from fulfilling the life we are intended to have while establishing a personalized vision to take life to the next level.

Audiences are Inspired To:

  • Stop living life on autopilot
  • Establish a holistic vision for their lives
  • Overcome limiting beliefs to boldly live the life you envision
  • Create focus and alignment on their professional and personal goals
  • Raise their voice and ask for what they want out of life

Seize Your Opportunity: Moving Beyond Burnout

It’s no secret that today’s workforce is stressed out and stretched thin, while employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction are at an all-time low. But checking out isn’t the answer – life is just too short to spend each day doing something that does not bring you joy. 

In the middle of all difficulty lies opportunity. It’s time to recharge, re-energize, and Seize Your Opportunity. In this program, audiences will discover effective ways to bounce back from daily challenges and stress in a constructive manner that promotes positive growth, empowering them to break free from survival mode and rediscover the joy in their work.

Audiences are Inspired To:

  • Promote healthy engagement with challenges at work
  • Discover specific methods to avoid burnout, find comfort, and release weighty feelings
  • Rediscover the joy in their work and career
  • Respond to stress in a healthy way that allows for goals to be achieved at minimal psychological and physical costs

Seize Your Relationships: Making Authentic Connections

In a world of increased isolation, how do we make authentic connections and network with one another? The opportunity for authentic connections in life lies in one’s willingness to be vulnerable, openly sharing their personal story and lived experiences.

Offered as a keynote speech or hands-on workshop, Jasmine shares best practices for breaking down barriers, expanding our various networks, and deepening personal and professional relationships.

Audiences are Inspired To:

  • Build the relationships in their work and life that serve as the catalyst for transformational growth
  • Remove distractions and be fully present for the relationships that matter most
  • Simplify the process of making new connections
  • Create deeper connections through personal story
  • Surround oneself with people that add dimension, perspective, and insight to their lives.



We were seeking a speaker with positive energy, passion, and authenticity. We need our speakers to connect, inspire, and encourage women entrepreneurs. Jasmine was on point with her talk, and she was extremely engaging. Her presentation was given virtually in webinar mode, so she did not see her audience at all, but it felt like she was speaking directly to each one of us. Jasmine encouraged interaction in the chat box and participants responded. We had a lot of positive feedback, and survey results post-conference showed that her session was very well received and appreciated. We also appreciated Jasmine's communications before and after the event to ensure all went well. It was a pleasure working with Jasmine, and her talk was on point and well-received.

S. Larson, Entrepreneur Fund 

Jasmine was so personable and entertaining during her presentation - it felt more like a conversation! Her insights provided great reminders on how to connect with others authentically and that networking isn't just for professional purposes!

E. Ferguson, HR Business Partner, CentraCare

As a young professional, I had many takeaways from Jasmine’s breakout session on Making Authentic Connections. I immediately implemented a few of the practices I learned from Jasmine, and they’ve helped me make better connections as I recruit. 

M. Burch, Associate Talent Sourcer, Blattner Company 

I am thrilled to recommend Jasmine Stringer to any company looking for a high-energy, memorable, and entertaining keynote for their meeting.  In December 2021, Jasmine was the keynote speaker for the Land O’Lakes Women’s Leadership Network annual event.  The event, attended by hundreds, took place with most attendees ultimately joining online.  Her connection in the room was terrific, and the more difficult virtual connection was even deeper.  Our attendees commented that they enjoyed hearing Jasmine’s story and the advice she gave for success – both practical and aspirational.  I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants a professional speaker with heart.

K. Olson, Chief Communications Officer,  Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Jasmine served as the keynote speaker for the Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council’s Symposium and captured our attention immediately. Not only did she deliver a useful and thoughtful message, but she also energized our crowd with her enthusiasm and “seize the day” mentality. Jasmine was full of useful tips on how to maximize your potential, and her optimism and vitality were infectious. Well done!

J. Dockter, Associate Director, Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council

​​Jasmine Brett Stringer seamlessly integrated the message of Seize Your Life with the mission of Cookie Cart.  She has the uncanny ability to acknowledge systemic bias and trauma while illuminating opportunities for self-empowerment.  She offers a refreshing optimism grounded in lived experience.  As a result, members of our team felt understood and energized.  

M. Halley, Executive Director Cookie Cart

Jasmine shared her keynote presentation, Power of the Ask, with our employees. Her motivating, encouraging, action-oriented message deeply resonated with our employees. Her presentation was filled with positive energy, real-world recommendations, and valuable insights for everyone, especially women. If you're looking for a virtual or in-person speaker to inspire your organization, look no further! Jasmine is a pleasure to work with, from initially reaching out to inquire about her availability through the wrap-up after the presentation, she was engaged and extremely professional. I can't wait to work with her again!

M. Darsow, Corporate Communications Manager, Radisson Hotel Group

I highly recommend Jasmine as a keynote speaker! Jasmine spoke to our employees to kick off our annual mental wellbeing challenge called Path to Positivity. Since we are in the middle of a global pandemic, she gave her talk virtually. We were all so impressed by how she was still able to provide a motivating and energetic talk that urged us all to seize the day. We could feel her energy through the computer as she spoke with excitement and passion. Jasmine was a pleasure to work with in planning for the event and I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement. She will infuse your participants with positivity and motivation!"

A. Friedman, Sr HR Wellness Representative, City of Minneapolis 

I had the pleasure of working with Jasmine when she led a thought-provoking panel during Black History month at Radisson Hotel Group. Jasmine continues to amaze me with her ability to inspire women and to raise awareness when it comes to racial equality in the workplace. I look forward to continuing my partnership with Jasmine and #sharethemicmn.

S. Amsler, Manager,  Radisson Hotel Group 

We were very fortunate to have Jasmine give her Seize Your Life talk at our hybrid conference for the MN Festivals and Events Association. Our attendees have been widely impacted by the pandemic and we needed someone to leave them with some motivation to keep going and think positive. She appeared virtually to those in the room and our attendees didn’t even notice. Jasmine nailed it with her presentation. She was the breath of fresh air that our industry needed to remind them to keep it simple, to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving. She reminded us to believe in our vision and to buy a tambourine! I hope to work with Jasmine in the future. She did not disappoint!

M. Gustafson, Director of Events & Programs, Minneapolis Downtown Council

Jasmine Brett Stringer is one of those rare individuals who makes everyone around her feel like they’re the most important person she’s talked to all week. She is a great relationship-builder and networker with connections all over the world. Jasmine’s “Carpe Diem” passion for life enabled her to embrace agriculture with open arms when love led her from city life to rural Minnesota. Her ability to share what she has learned on the farm, and to tell heartfelt stories that resonate with people outside the ag industry, can really help build bridges between farmers and the people they feed.

K. Hayes Head of Advocacy, Bayer

I was looking for career coaching. I received that and so much more from Jasmine. She helped me to see my gifts again. I was first drawn to her for her contagious energy. I always left a session energetic and ready to take on the world. She helped me take the final steps towards some things I had been putting off for months. I loved my time with Jasmine and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a combination of career and lifestyle coaching.

S. Piippo

The Carpe Diem experience with Jasmine was a game-changer for my team and me. A different type of team building that encouraged collaboration and storytelling through vision boarding. We left the meeting understanding how knowing and sharing our top strengths can create a foundation for cohesiveness. Jasmine’s positivity and upbeat energy was an infectious and inspired conversation amongst a group that is driven and reserved. I highly recommend her talent. She will break the code toward penetrating barriers virtually that is fun and unique.

F. Stanfield, Director Emory University 

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Jasmine Stringer and Share the Mic MN to amplify the voices of young women of color who are already making a difference in our community. Jasmine is a gift to our community. Her “lift as you climb” philosophy is apparent in her leadership and partnership. Jasmine and her team were wonderful partners and the joint #WFMNXSHARETHEMICMN: Taking Action for Equity campaign exceeded our expectations. The “Share the Mic MN” platform is an effective tool to harness our collective power to transform into a state that is stronger for all of us. We are grateful for Jasmine’s commitment to advancing gender and racial equity across our state.

K. Stone, Vice President of Advancement and External Relations, Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

A dynamic and thoughtful speaker. Any business or organization would be benefited by her and her authentic, energetic, thought leadership.

M. Jones, President, Sysco Foods

During the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of a national conversation about racial justice, Jasmine was invited to speak (virtually!) to everyone in my company about how we can move forward...together. I was fortunate to introduce her and to moderate the Q&A after her talk. This was a tough topic--in divisive times--and Jasmine rose to the occasion with grace and guidance. She brought much-needed wisdom, candor and vulnerability to a diverse group of hundreds of people who were struggling in different ways.

A. Worley, Chief Connections Officer, VMLY&R

Jasmine's energy around being who you are and building her own unique brand of leadership inspired the students and helped them realize their own power to build the career of their dreams. Her talk was essentially a mini-keynote. The heart, smarts, and spark was a generous gift to our next generation. Thank you, Jasmine!

S. Schuster, Principal Community Relations Consultant, Communications and Social Impact, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN

Jasmine led our team through a very thoughtful, Vision Board Session during our Quarterly Team meeting leading up to Annual Planning. Jasmine was incredibly organized, positive, prepared and exceeded all expectations. We highly recommend Jasmine for her professionalism and preparedness. She is positive, a pleasure to work with and thoughtfully creative.

A. Mies,  Digital Marketing Director, iAffiliate Management 

Jasmine’s session was incredibly engaging, inspiring, and interactive. Her passion, expertise, and enthusiasm to support others shined brightly during her “Seize Your Life” program. Jasmine is incredible and I highly recommend her, and I look forward to inviting her back to present again.

D. Griffith, Vice President, Student Services, Diversity & Inclusion, West Valley College

Jasmine provided our staff plenty of space to assess their ability to be an effective ally and her calm presence allowed participants to move from surface to deeper conversation. Jasmine perfectly tailored her presentation and materials to support our diversity, equity, and inclusion vision and mission.

F. Boone, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant, Hennepin County 

Jasmine's collaboration on our virtual event brought inspiration and hope to our message and storytelling. Our creative process and production were fueled by her energy and ideas.

J. Carver, Director of Marketing and Communications, Washburn Center for Children 

Jasmine was charismatic and brought such great life to our virtual live-stream event. You could tell by her performance and interaction with our special guest that she was interested in our work and took the time to learn about our organization so she could truly be a spokesperson for the event.

T. Evans, Chief Advancement Officer, Wayside Recovery 

With grace, insight and approachability, Jasmine shared her Carpe Diem message to 45+ incoming college students. I watched in awe as their eyes left their phones and they later stood in line for an autograph. Her message resonates across demographics, and her book is one to keep nearby for frequent reference and uplifting refreshers. 

Dr. T. Speaks 

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