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Jeff Havens

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Because Improving Your Business Doesn’t Have To Be Boring!
A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Vanderbilt University, Jeff has quickly become one of the most in-demand presenters in North America. His truly unprecedented ability to deliver high-quality education in an undeniably entertaining way has earned him dozens of repeat clients, all of whom appreciate Jeff’s insistence that education is the only way that we improve at anything and that we’ll all improve better and faster if we enjoy the learning process.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000
Phone: 800-328-6008

By combining the content of the traditional presentation with the entertainment value of a comedy show, Jeff has found enthusiastic audiences in government, academia, small businesses and several Fortune 50 companies, all while still being one of the youngest members of the professional speaking circuit.

The Jeff Havens Company exists because of Jeff’s firm belief that making learning fun is the quickest, cheapest, and most effective way to create a culture where people are eager to continually improve. Whether you want to improve your leadership or change management strategies, whether you want a plug-and-play solution or something more perfectly tailored to your particular needs – if it’s important to you, we’ll make it fun. Because here at The Jeff Havens Company, we know that improving your business doesn’t have to be boring.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

(compliance, professional etiquette, workplace behavior)
(HRCI Approved)

I’m sure people have told you how you are and aren’t supposed to behave at work. You probably had a few days of training when you started your job. But you’ve never had training quite like this. Because while everyone else gives you advice, Jeff Havens will give you the permission to act exactly the way that you want. He knows you don’t value the people you work with. You know you don’t value the people you work with. But now it’s time to make sure that they know how little you value them.

In this action-packed, comprehensive hour of awesomeness, you will learn how to irritate everyone you work with even better than you already are. Some of the things you’ll learn include:

•Save all your texting for meetings!
•How to lie, gossip, shirk, ignore, and blame your way into everyone’s bad graces!
•Reply all,’ failure to RSVP, and other ways to frustrate everyone who ever emails you!
•Dressing like you just don’t care! Why? Because you don’t!
•How to offer feedback and resolve conflicts in the harsh, grating, and very public way that everyone really likes!
•And even more stuff that’ll make sure nobody ever invites you to lunch ever, ever again!

Full of reverse psychology and Jeff’s trademark wit, Becoming a More Annoying You! will help improve your professional behavior by ‘encouraging’ you to engage in all kinds of bad workplace behaviors. This is flat-out the most hilarious professional etiquette seminar you’re ever going to attend, filled with all the takeaways and useful information of a more straightforward presentation and all the entertainment value of a comedy show. Because improving your business doesn’t have to be boring.

(communication, customer service, accountability)
(HRCI Approved)

With the invention of the award-winning Uncrapify Your Life! keynote address, Jeff Havens has turned the entire professional speaking world on its head. By encouraging his audiences to do the opposite of everything he recommends, Jeff offers a motivational address utterly unlike anything corporate America has ever seen, one that is guaranteed to leave your audience refreshed, surprised, and begging for more.

Designed for a broad spectrum of audiences, from entry-level workers to upper management, Uncrapify Your Life!is a study in exactly what not to do. Audiences will be ‘encouraged’ to criticize others and outsource blame before Jeff brings it all home with a more serious discussion about proper communication, customer service, and accountability practices. By highlighting and then poking fun of practices we’re all guilty of, Uncrapify Your Life!offers a unique and delightful twist on the traditional motivational model, one that has found favor with General Electric, USBank, Frito-Lay, Ford Motors, and hundreds of other companies representing virtually every industry in the United States and Canada. Although perfect for all occasions, Uncrapify Your Life! is most often used either as an opening keynote to help establish an energetic tone for a conference, or as a closing keynote to leave attendees laughing while still connecting them to the core takeaways of your meeting.

•How to avoid negative and unproductive conversations
•The power of sincere, straightforward communication
•The importance of small things when it comes to delivering outstanding customer service
•How to approach change in order to achieve seamless integration

(leadership and management training and development)
(HRCI Approved)

Are you tired of the concepts of win/win, partnership and servant leadership? Does the sight of your vibrant and productive employees turn your stomach? Would you like to ensure that upon your retirement, the company you ruled with an iron fist crumbles into dust? Then you need to learn how to Unleash Your Inner Tyrant!

Welcome to the most original and informative leadership presentation in the country. In Unleash Your Inner Tyrant!, Jeff uses his trademark wit to ‘encourage’ you to engage in all the practices of ineffective leaders – including how to create a culture of fear, oppress and demoralize your employees, outsource blame, and stand firm in the face of all change – before wrapping up with a serious conversation about the kind of leaders we should all strive to become. Every bit as content-rich and intensively researched as a more traditional leadership seminar, Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! has the added benefit of a delivery style that will have your audience laughing the entire time that they’re learning how to become more effective leaders. Simply put, there is nothing else like this in the business world, and no better way to energize your management team while providing them with valuable training they will remember for months and years to come.

•How to create a healthy, vibrant corporate culture
•How to inspire trust and loyalty in your employees
•How to deal with mistakes and build strength through them
•How to approach change in order to achieve seamless integration
•How to engage in proper, healthy, productive communication techniques
•How to become the kind of leader other are excited to follow

Us. Vs. Them – Putting the Other Generations in Their Place!
(HRCI Approved)

You’ve probably listened to other generational speakers in the past. You’ve probably heard that for the first time in human history there are four distinct generations operating side by side, and that you’re supposed to care about all those other people who weren’t born within about five years of you. But accommodating other people’s needs and ideas is way less fun than ignoring them entirely. Seriously, how can you respect the opinions of people who wear different clothes and listen to different music than you? So get ready for a generational presentation unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Because while everyone else will encourage you to try to see where your fellow workers are coming from, Jeff Havens will encourage you to pursue your goals at the expense of everyone else’s. Life is so much easier when you don’t have to worry about accommodating other people’s opinions or being successful at things, don’t you think?

In this hysterical hour of high-content entertainment, you will learn how to understand, recognize, and resolve every generational issue facing today’s modern workforce. That’s no exaggeration; by the end of Us Vs. Them, you and your employees will walk away with all of the knowledge you’ll need to address 100% of the generational issues they will face in the next 10-15 years. Because while other generational presentations focus on what people want, Us Vs. Them will tell you why everyone wants the different things that they do. It’s an important distinction, and it will make implementing new solutions easier than you ever thought possible.

Oh, and more one thing. Us Vs. Them is also the funniest, most purely enjoyable generational seminar you will ever see. If you’ve seen any of Jeff’s other presentations, then you’ll know that he doesn’t really know how to do anything without making it entertaining. So get ready to laugh more and learn more than you thought was possible in a single presentation. Because improving your generational issues doesn’t have to be boring.

•Understand the key cultural, technological, and social changes that have conspired to create a disconnect between team members from different generations
•Walk away with several immediately applicable strategies to address and eliminate problems caused by the disconnect mentioned above
•Recognize that change occurs in different ways and at different speeds in different elements of your business, and develop an intelligent strategy to approach change in the right way for different situations
•Inspire a healthier, more robust work ethic in your younger employees (and your older ones, too)
•Inspire a healthier, more robust attitude toward change in your older employees (and your younger ones, too)

Everything You Shouldn’t Do at Work But Occasionally Do Anyway

Designed specifically with HR departments, new hires, and emerging leaders in mind, HR Intervention! will completely change your view of professional development training. Where everyone else offers advice, Jeff uses his trademark wit and reverse psychology to give you “permission” to engage in all manner of bad behaviors. In this action-packed, comprehensive hour of awesomeness, you will learn how to irritate everyone you work with in every way imaginable – and by doing so, you’ll walk away with strategies for working better and more effectively than ever before.

HR Intervention! covers a wide array of workplace issues, from dress code and meeting etiquette to conflict resolution and Internet usage, and it’s flat-out the most hilarious professional development seminar you’re ever going to attend. Get ready for the best education of your life! Because improving your corporate culture doesn’t have to be boring.

Partial List of Takeaways:

•How to dress appropriately for various business situations, and which outfits should just stay in your closet forever
•How to write emails and other business communications, and who to send them to
•How to effectively lead meetings and participate in meetings, conference workshops, and other group events
•How to employ simple strategies for resolving workplace conflicts calmly and productively
•How to become the kind of team player that will earn the respect of your peers and improve your chances of promotion

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