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Jim Cathcart

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Business Growth Specialist, Celebrated Author on Sales & Leadership
Jim Cathcart is the author of ten popular books and over seventy video programs on marketing and personal excellence.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000

His books and videos have become classics in the areas of sales, marketing, and customer service. In addition, Nightingale-Conant Corporation, the world’s largest publisher of self development audio programs, has sold millions of dollars worth of his presentations “SuperStar Selling” and “Relationship Strategies.” Past president of the National Speakers Association and recipient of both the CSP and CPAE designations, Jim Cathcart is one of the nation’s most gifted speakers.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Leadership: Rethinking Ourselves For A New Era  — New technologies require new ways of thinking. Every day another standard practice becomes obsolete. To continue to grow and thrive we must learn to constantly Rethink: our markets, our systems, our relationships, our strategies and ourselves. The most popular methods of leadership, management, sales and service delivery are already dangerously out of date. This presentation combines stories, visuals, research and audience interaction to dramatically impact the way we think.

Relationship Selling™  — Sometimes it is not your product or price that gets you the business, sometimes it is simply the way you connect with people. We need to rethink how we connect with our customers and suppliers, before our competition does. When Jim Cathcart wrote the book Relationship Selling it was considered revolutionary. Today it is considered standard practice. This presentation shows you what to listen for, how to be natural in your selling style, and how to connect with the underlying elements of buying psychology that most people never heard of.

The Acorn Principle™ — Helping People Grow The Acorn Principle is: “Your greatest, fastest and easiest growth always comes from your natural abilities.” Every person can be very good at certain things, but most people don’t know what those things are. Jim shows people how to find and grow their natural strengths so that they can always be self motivated. A fascinating exploration of what makes us who we are, and how to use it.

The Grandma Factor™ — Lifetime Customer Loyalty Everyone knows how to provide good service, our challenge is getting them to want to. The real magic in customer service comes from discretionary efforts, when people go beyond their job description. This begins with training people in how to think about: their role, their goal and the person they serve. When you don’t find much meaning in what you do, you don’t bring much value to what you do. This presentation focuses on the way systems, strategies, and relationships impact service. Jim teaches “The Grandma Factor” for building your clientele through UpServing.

Selling in Fast Times (via online conferencing) Jim brings superior sales training right to your sales staff’s desktops — using the cutting edge of technology, online training or desktop videoconferencing. With this unique program, Jim Cathcart will challenge and inspire your sales staff and teach proven methods for successfully sustaining sales leadership and retaining your customers.

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