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Meridith Elliott Powell

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Named one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts To Watch, Top 41 Motivational Speakers, and Top 50 Sales Speaker, Meridith Elliott Powell is passionate about helping her clients learn the secrets to turning uncertainty and change into major competitive advantage.  Meridith is an award winning strategist and author, whose research in the field of uncertainty and change will shift how you think, how you feel, and most importantly the actions you take to move past extreme obstacles and challenges.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000
North Carolina
Phone: 800-328-6008

Everything about today’s marketplace is different – your customers, competition, technology, and employees. In a world that has changed so drastically, doesn’t it make sense that you need a new approach to how you sell, how you lead, how you grow your organization?

Sales strategist, leadership expert, Certified Speaking Professional, and award-winning author, Meridith Elliott Powell wants today’s businesses to stop viewing uncertainty as something that prevents them from being successful. This is why her virtual programs, leadership coaching, online courses, and keynote presentations leverage her 9 step formula for making uncertainty your company’s strategic advantage™.

So you can stop letting unpredictability be an obstacle to your success, and start embracing today’s uncertainty to to drive your organization’s growth and achieve phenomenal results.

A couple of years ago Meridith became obsessed with the word uncertainty and how we as business owners react so negatively to the word. She wanted to discover why so many of us let unpredictability become an obstacle to our success, so she started on a journey to find business leaders and organizations that had learned how to turn uncertainty into their strategic advantage.

She was able to uncover a wealth of knowledge. Meridith discovered several companies that have managed to survive a wide range of adversity.

From economic downturns and depressions, world wars, and even a global pandemic these organizations were able to create powerful growth opportunities from their uncertain times.

Through exhaustively researching these amazing organizations Meridith was able to find several common threads each of these success stories shared. And, she compiled what she learned into her 9 step formula for making uncertainty your company’s strategic advantage.

This formula works and Meridith Elliot Powell wants to share it with you. So contact Preferred Speakers today so that you can start leveraging today’s uncertainty and get on track to make this the best year ever.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

THRIVE: Turning Uncertainty To YOUR Competitive Advantage

PROGRAM DELIVERY: Live Presentation | Virtual Keynote | Live Streaming | Webinar

Competitive, challenging and constantly changing – that is today’s marketplace! To grow and compete you need a new perspective and a new approach to sales, marketing and business growth. In this high-energy, power-packed session, Motivational Speaker Meridith Elliott Powell shares the innovative strategies you need to redefine disruption, put you in the driver’s seat, and turn uncertainty to your competitive advantage.

Based on research from her newest book, “Thrive: Turning Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage“, where Meridith studied nine companies (who started in the late 1700s to early 1800s) that are still thriving in business today. Businesses that have survived World Wars, Economic Depression, and yes, even a Pandemic. Her research revealed a powerful methodology for what it takes to navigate change at this level, to find opportunity in crisis, and how to inspire your members to move from reacting to change to driving it.

In this program, Meridith walks you through the steps you need to strategically move forward, proactively prepare for disruptions, standout from the competition, and dominate your marketplace. You’ll leave this session with a personal strategy that ensures you have what you need to stay razor-like focused, highly flexible and ready to turn uncertainty to your competitive advantage.

This keynote has it all – energy, engagement and an innovativeempowering message.

Key Takeaways:

  • Meridith’s research based 9-STEP formula for Thriving in Uncertainty ™
  • Proven techniques for predicting the changes coming in the marketplace
  • Powerful strategies that ensure longevity and success inn highly volatile times.
  • Secrets to making the RIGHT and critical decisions that move your organization forward.
  • Personal plan of action to turn uncertainty to competitive advantage.

Leadership Redefined: Ownership, Engagement, Results!

PROGRAM DELIVERY: Live Presentation | Virtual Keynote | Live Streaming | Webinar

Employee engagement trumps customer engagement – every single time! The relationship you build with our team members and associates is more important, will impact growth, more than the relationship you build with your customers.

There is so little you can control, and the one thing you need to succeed – a strong team – is getting harder and harder to create. It’s time for a new approach, a new perspective and a new set of strategies to redefine how you lead.

In this highly shifting, constantly changing economic times the organization with the best talent is the team guaranteed to masterfully navigate change, exceed customer expectations, and leave the competition in the dust.

The fastest path to profitability and business growth is through the quality of and the engagement level of your team. In this session, Business Growth Strategist, Meridith Elliott Powell, shares the leadership development strategies you need to hire top talent in the most challenging times, build culture in a virtual world, and create loyalty and longevity in a world where turnover is the norm.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why engaging today’s employees is different, and gain the leadership development strategies to understand what employees want, and how to easily and effectively deliver time and time again.

  • Proven strategies to get the best and the brightest to beat a path to your door even in the toughest environments.

  • Innovative strategies to creating culture in a virtual world, and the secrets to getting employees to want to come back to the office.

  • Powerful tactics to build a team that is as passionate and committed as you are about the growth of your business

  • The secrets to turning uncertainty of your market, team, customers and sales into your greatest competitive advantage.

Sales Redefined: Dominate, Differentiate, Deliver 

PROGRAM DELIVERY: Live Presentation | Virtual Keynote | Live Streaming | Webinar

You followed all the rules. You’ve read all the books. You’ve implemented all the strategies. And still growing your branch, building your practice is a constant challenge. A challenge to get above the white noise. A challenge to stand out from the competition. A challenge to get to the decision maker. And a challenge to get the deal to close.

Why? Because sales has gone through a major disruption. If you’re still using traditional techniques, then you’re making sales so much harder than it has to be. To succeed, you need to evolve. You need to transform how you attract clients – build your reputation – engage with the marketplace – and get results.

Join us for this high energy, highly interactive and high-powered keynote where business growth strategist and keynote speaker Meridith Elliott Powell shares the innovative techniques you need to dominate your market and leave your competition in the dust.

Key Takeaways:

  • Deep understanding of how your marketplace has changed – the shifts in the marketplace, alignment of sales and marketing, client buying behavior, and competitive landscape.

  • Innovative techniques that get the doors to open and put you in front of decision makers.

  • Powerful ideas you need to shorten that sales cycle and increase your close ratio

  • Cutting-edge strategies to build your reputation and credibility with clients

  • Proven strategies to prominently position you in the marketplace making it easier for clients to choose you over the competition

  • Your personal strategy to Dominate, Differentiate, Deliver


_"You were FANTASTIC!! Truly!! "THRIVE"  is such a great message.....there was so much from your session, we have years of thankful to have you. You are a POWERFUL presenter, and our team, our vendors -everyone loved you," _

Jocelyn Flaherty, Business Event Marketing, DTCC

_"You knocked it out of the park!  You are AMAZING. Your message is so strong and exactly what our division heads needed to hear.  You were the talk of the entire conference,"_

Dianna Oreck, CMO, Berkshire Hathaway

_"The best in the series hands down. Our first standing ovation! You more than delivered. I have gotten so much positive feedback - our partners and wholesalers already asked to have you back next year," _

Mitch Haber, Regional Director, OneAmerica

_"You are phenomenal! This group- they are hard to impress - and you hit it out of the park.  When I saw our senior guys taking notes - I knew this was special!_

Scott Fitzpatrick, Sr VP, Acadiasoft

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