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Michael Broome

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Michael is considered one of the best motivational speakers in America
Thousands of audiences have enjoyed his humorous and inspiring messages on enhancing our relationships with employees, customers, and family in order to maximize our potential and manage stress. Michael’s talks are emotionally powerful, intellectually penetrating and memorable for the good humor that has become his trademark.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below
North Carolina
Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Tough Times Call for Tough People
Adversity, discipline, goals [45 to 120 minutes]
Michael has good economic news. Since 1787, our nation has survived 23 recessions, 3 depressions, a civil war, and 2 world wars. History and logic conclude that those who swiftly adapt will survive our present economic calamity.

With inspiring examples and humorous anecdotes he explains that we should always prepare for tough times; it’s the price we pay for the incredible benefits of a free market. Michael acknowledges problems and offers realistic strategies. He challenges audiences by asserting, “Attitude is not everything. Attitude and competence is everything.”

All boxers expect to take some hits. Michael praises the tenacity of people who take blows, pick themselves up, and make things happen. They search adversity for lessons and embrace the hard truths they find. We can’t conquer what we don’t confront. Truthful assessments can transform our greatest weakness into our greatest strength.

Even in weak economies, products and services are still needed. The question is: who will provide them? The answer: the greatest servants who increase their competence and are motivated by compelling visions. Visions create the discipline to set specific goals, practice delayed gratification, and do promptly what you’d rather not. If you have to swallow a worm, don’t look at it too long. Michael’s most responsive audiences are those facing difficulties. If it’s been a while since your people gave a standing ovation, try this presentation.

The People Business
Customer service, teamwork and leadership [45-120 minutes]
Regardless of your profession, Michael says “we are all in the people business.” He gives applicable ideas and comical examples about enhancing customer relations. Prospecting is important, but not as important as strengthening the bond with the most likely source of new business – existing customers.

Our ability to meet customer expectations increases through collaboration with peers. These partnerships occur when we bridle our ego, acknowledge others’ skills, and celebrate their successes. Solution-oriented people seek the company of others who are wiser and more accomplished. They also understand the value of accountability. As a result, they have colleagues, friends, and family to whom they can say, “I like myself better because of the person you have helped me become.” We all have blind spots, and sometimes we need others to open our eyes. Solution-oriented people know when to adhere to advice and when to lead by conviction. They know leadership is more than standing up and screaming “charge!” It is shown by the quiet way we demonstrate our empathy and values. It’s refining our ability to listen and persuade, critique and praise, and laugh at our foibles. It’s continuing to improve our people skills, taking responsibility in challenging times, and committing to causes greater than ourselves.

This program is emotionally powerful, intellectually penetrating, and spiced with the spontaneous good humor that is Michael’s trademark.

Everything’s Coming Up Neurosis
Stress management, conflict resolution, family harmony [45 to 120 minutes]
Michael says, “Stress is being stuck in a morning traffic jam after you’ve had three cups of coffee and a bran muffin.” Today’s mandate to accomplish more in less time leaves many striving to cope. Michael suggests ways to manage fear, depression, pessimism, and anger. Truly, we become what we think about. Stress also results from relationships: the cranky boss, irritable coworker, and moody teen can rob us of joy. We pay emotional costs for snapping back, being too critical, withholding forgiveness, and obsessing on others’ shortcomings. Our first focus should be on what others do that is right. This is especially true at home.

A loving home rejuvenates the soul and enables us to deal more effectively with job pressures. Michael says, “All families have some degree of dysfunction because people are like porcupines. The closer we get to one another, the more likely we are to stick each other.” He gives specific strategies to reduce the number and the intensity of conflicts. Michael says it’s impossible for his 26-year marriage to end in divorce, because if his wife leaves him … he’s going with her! In a nation that nearly consumes its weight in antacid pills, this presentation showcases the greatest stress reducer – laughter.

A Humorous Look at Personal, Professional, and Family Success[4 hours]
This program is a combination of the previous three speeches. It can be expanded from four to eight hours. The material is identical … Michael just talks slower.

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