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Roxane Battle

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Roxane Battle is Vice President of Advocacy and Community at Sanvello Health, a UnitedHealth Group Ventures tele-health company.  She is a veteran television journalist, public speaker, author and mom. Her award-winning memoir, Pockets of Joy: Deciding to Be Happy, Choosing to Be Free (Whitaker House 2017), became an Amazon best-seller in multiple categories.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below

As Vice President of Advocacy and Community at Sanvello Health, a UnitedHealth Group Ventures tele-health company, Roxane Battle tells stories that help people feel better.  Sanvello provides covered mental health services for 40 million people and has the #1 app for stress, anxiety and depression with 3.7+million subscribers. "Checking in with Roxane Battle", a recurring video feature appears though the Sanvello app.

As a speaker, Roxane presents to groups all over the country, including Apple Inc. employees, COVID-19 front line responders, human resource managers, faith-based and networking groups. She focuses on helping people develop a personal plan to build resiliency and find joy in life, especially during times of transition.

Before coming to Sanvello, Roxane Battle spent 20+ years pursing her passion as a journalist and writer, including work as an Emmy-nominated television news anchor and reporter for NBC Minneapolis, CBS and FOX. She was named an Architect of Change on and has been featured in Working Mother and Ebony national magazines, and has  made numerous podcast, television and radio guest appearances.

A Minnesota native, she earned her undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and completed her master’s degree in journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She wrote and sold her first manuscript, a self-help memoir; Pockets of Joy: Deciding to Be Happy, Choosing to Be Free (Whitaker House 2017), which became a Top 100 Amazon best seller in multiple categories.

Roxane calls the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes home, has an adult son, owns a pair of roller skates and make a mean mac and cheese, apple crisp and seafood gumbo.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Pockets of Joy: Navigating Transition and Change

Pockets of Joy: An Attitude of Gratitude

Pockets of Joy: Seven Steps to Joy and Well-being

SYNOPSIS:  The only thing constant in life is change, yet human beings are instinctively wired to resist change. Often, we suffer our way through loss, or transition, rather than embrace change as an opportunity for personal growth and development. What if we could learn to manage the transitions in our lives in a way that also allows us to find joy? In this inspirational talk, former KARE 11-TV personality and award-winning author Roxane Battle blends elements of positive psychology and mindfulness with personal stories of her journey in transitioning out of a high-profile television career into a new and fulfilling life. It’s a journey that resulted in real-life lessons and authentic happiness. Through candor, humor and expert storytelling Ms. Battle will equip attendees with tools to help them see life’s challenges not as obstacles, but as opportunities to experience authentic joy.

Sample talking points:

  1. ACCEPTANCE- a process that can lead to effective problem solving.
  2. AUTHENTICITY- discovering your true self through identifying likes, dislikes and areas of interest will help craft a life plan for happiness
  3. ALONE TIME- When the pressure of external forces causes anxiety, moments of solitude or meditation allow us to dig deep and listen to what’s going on internally, which can help us identify what brings us happiness in life.
  4. ATTITUDE- is indeed everything especially an attitude of gratitude- how we view a challenge has a significant impact on our ability to overcome it in a way that brings joy.


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