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Ryan Estis

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Business Performance for the New Economy
Ryan Estis understands the challenges business leaders and top performers face, because he’s been in their shoes. He spent 15 years helping companies connect with employees and customers as an ad agency executive. His work spans a wide range of industries and clients.

Fee Range: $20,001 – $30,000

Eight years ago, he decided to put that experience into practice as a speaker and consultant. He travels all over the world, getting an inside look at what the world’s best companies do differently. Ryan shares that insight with leaders and top performers, helping them initiate change, improve performance and deliver growth.

Ryan has been recognized as one of “the best keynote speakers ever heard” by Meetings & Conventions magazine. His presentations include original research and customized insight for each audience. He inspires audiences with case studies that always include powerful, relevant stories that resonate long after the event ends. Attendees leave every event with a specific plan for applying their new ideas once they get back to work. His ideas have recently been featured in Forbes, Inc., Fast Company and Entrepreneur Magazines.

His clients include AT&T, Motorola, MasterCard, Adobe, MassMutual, the National Basketball Association, the Mayo Clinic and Prudential. Ryan gets to know every client’s business and customizes all keynote presentations and corporate seminars to deliver insight that makes an immediate impact.

Ryan publishes original research on sales and leadership trends and blogs regularly on business performance.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Passion on Purpose
This keynote experience will review the essence of cultivating a high engagement, high performance work culture. As we prepare for the next growth cycle in business Ryan will elevate understanding around the needs and expectations of the modern day workforce. Ryan will challenge conventional thinking with new research and specific examples from category leading companies that succeed at maximizing human potential and sustaining a culture that drives breakthrough performance. We know a healthy organization when we see it. Switched on employees. Authentic leadership. Open communication. Trust. The kind of place where people come first and performance and profit follows. Most organizations leave tons of capability and human potential on the table. This keynote offers practical advice and actionable insights to help you reverse that trend. Our premise is passion at work occurs most often when the right person, in the right job is supported through very intentional and strategic action by an organization. Where leadership is aligned with the vision and values and employees are the ultimate extension of the brand.

Next Level Leadership
The Next Level Leadership offers a compelling crusade on corporate culture, communication, collaboration, change and preparing leaders to thrive in the ultra competitive, hyper connected business environment we now know as the new normal. We will review the evolution of work style design and explore the leadership role in earning BIG emotional commitment around a common purpose. Ryan will challenge conventional leadership practices and explore progressive techniques and technology that pace with the evolving needs of today’s knowledge worker. As we prepare the organization for this next growth cycle our approach to effective leadership is being transformed. Traditional command and control leadership is proving less effective and giving way to a more connected, collaborative, open and flexible approach to managing people and performance. This interactive keynote will deliver new ideas, information and actionable insights that leaders can leverage immediately to drive productivity and performance.

The Brand Experience – Accelerating Business Growth Through Remarkable Experiences
This keynote focuses on how you can elevate the relationships you have with your most important stakeholders: your customers. Ryan teaches organizations how to create remarkable experiences and earn customers for life. Customer expectations have changed. For buyers, an alternative choice is usually just a click away. Today, customers want an experience, and the best brands step up and deliver, consistently. This keynote examines how category-leading companies start with their people, aligning employees around a common mission and empowering them to create memorable customer experiences. Ryan explores current trends and shares standout customer stories from his portfolio of case studies. He will demonstrate how technology and social connectedness are influencing consumers’ thinking and changing the way we engage with a brand. He helps participants shift their thinking and emerge with new ideas about both customer and employee relationships that will impact the business. The outcome of this keynote will be an audience prepared to capture employee commitment and customer loyalty to drive business growth.

The Communication Revolution
The Communication Revolution examines the business implications around the evolution in how we connect, communicate and collaborate to accomplish meaningful work. Globalization, economic, generational and technological drivers are accelerating change and challenging our traditional approach to productivity and performance in the workplace. Ryan will inspire breakthrough thinking on getting connected in the digital economy and offer compelling insights on culture, community, change and preparing to thrive in the increasingly transparent, hyper connected business environment we now know as the new normal. This keynote experience will examine how progressive companies are winning by making their business more social. Ryan will challenge conventional thinking with an emphasis on preparing participants to leverage the social revolution and get connected to compete in the new world of work.

Generation Next
This keynote experience will offer entertaining insights into key attitude and behavioral trends along the generational divide with a forward thinking look into the future of work. Today’s business leaders are faced with managing the attitude, values and work styles of 4 distinct generations. Identity and ideology conflicts are on the rise as the millennial generation arrives in the workplace with an evolved set of expectations about the work experience and their opportunity to have an impact from day one. This keynote will serve to challenge conventional work style design and elevate understanding around the new expectations of today’s workforce. Generational diversity, if managed properly, can add to an organizations innovation and brand identity. But change is never easy. Ryan will offer thought provoking perspective on evolving traditional workplace values and structure to fit the new economy.

Unleash Your Inner Super Hero
Is designed to help people tap into their own deep reservoir of potential and unleash their unique capability into the world. Ryan helps people see new opportunity through techniques designed to remove the barriers of fear, doubt, stress and uncertainty that inevitably show up in life and threaten to inhibit our performance. This important message introduces 8 core insights about productivity and performance that help people initiate or accelerate the process of becoming their very best. We are living through an incredible period of transformation and Ryan teaches us how to lean into this moment as an opportunity, embrace what is next and new and let go of the things we cannot control to find more meaning, mastery and momentum in our work life. The content is actionable and participants will emerge better prepared to navigate change and achieve their next big, breakthrough moment. The keynote serves as a call to action for those who desire fulfillment from their work and are determined to achieve their full potential.

Rock Star Selling
This hard-hitting, high impact keynote examines the dramatic evolution in professional sales. Ryan, a former Chief Sales Officer, dissects how the best sales organizations are leveraging elevated sales capability to meet the expectations of more sophisticated and demanding customers. This keynote introduces the Sales 3.0 capability required to compete and win business in a complex sales cycle – expertise. Ryan will demonstrate how the very best sellers are developing and deploying their expertise to offer the customer a more compelling value proposition. This keynote can easily align with an existing sales methodology and will demonstrate how the seller capable of providing the customer new insight and valuable perspective is better positioned to impact buying decisions. Earning attention, opportunity and partnership with today’s customer requires advanced sales skill and new selling strategy. Ryan will inform, entertain and inspire the sales organization to embrace this shift in seller competency toward a focus on category expertise, consultative skills and the customer outcome.

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