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Tony Schiller

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World Class Athlete, Motivator
Tony is a nationally known speaker who has helped thousands of people with his positive approach to work and life. On the platform, the 5-time world chion and 75-time triathlon winner brings meetings to life with his unparalleled energy and contagious spirit. Tony's amazing stories of racing in events like the grueling Ironman in Hawaii hardly make it seem as if he's teaching. But that's what makes him such an exceptional motivator. Soon, the audience realizes he has skillfully directed his message to address their most pressing real-world needs.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below

BreakAway is Tony's theme. It symbolizes an attitude or state-of-mind he teaches and challenges audiences to adopt. It works by creating a common language and focus teams can use to deal with adversity, pressure, and change initiatives. Indeed, months after programs, many organizations report that successes are still being called, "BreakAway Moments." When people take on the things that matter most to them with the highest state-of-mind, they gain the confidence to Achieve BreakAway Results.

Tony's programs offer great take-away value, and will help your attendees to:

- Put themselves in a bigger, bolder, better state-of-mind

- Get over fears and self-limiting beliefs

- Identify, accept and cultivate their unique talents

- Replace confidence "killers" with confidence "builders"

- Discover how to be your best when the pressure is on.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Achieve BreakAway Results
Tony's foundational keynote program brings out the power of people, working together in a shared pursuit. It is a great opening or closing session for any meeting, filled with emotion, surprises and unforgettable stories tailored to your goals.

How to Lead with a BreakAway Mindset
The "how-to" mini-course for BreakAway thinking is the perfect interactive breakout after a keynote, or the natural extension for longer keynotes.

Create BreakAway Energy and Vitality
A fun, fast paced session that adds the physical component necessary in a total life BreakAway. Tony shows his range as a speaker, reaching those new to fitness and health experts alike with fresh, doable ideas.

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