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Barbara Mandrell

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Singer, Celebrity, Author

Barbara Mandrell has everything. She really does. In this chaotic world where we strive to juggle career, family and spirituality, this superstar is managing to do just that. But don't hate her for it -- she's worked hard through life's trials to create a loving and supportive atmosphere in which to raise her children, to be a good wife, and of course to be a high-quality performer and nurture her ever-evolving entertainment career.

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Few performers of any genre ever attain the across-the-board celebrity that Mandrell has. In her 30+ years as a performer, she has been the recipient of over 75 major awards, starred in her own top-rated variety show, released over 30 albums and sent scores of songs for a ride up both the Country and Pop charts.

Mandrell's appeal is so far reaching that her autobiography Get To The Heart: My Story appeared on the New York Times Best Seller List after only four days, and then remained there for six months.

Mandrell is both country woman and glamorous star; a working wife and mother that just happens to be a stellar entertainer, and someone you could feel comfortable with around your own kitchen table.

Barbara Mandrell is a true star in the very best sense of the word. A career this far reaching could prove to be heady stuff for some, but through faith and grounded good sense, Mandrell has managed to embrace all that is good about her public life without letting go of the good in her family life. A true star, yes, and an evolving woman, too. She may have everything, but she gives the gift of her talent to her fans unselfishly.

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