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Outdoors Storyteller, Writer, TV Producer
As a journalist, Ron Schara has been sharing the great outdoor experience with his readers for nearly three decades. Seeing through the eyes and lives of others, his material has captured the attention of tens of thousands of fresh air enthusiasts by putting them as close to the subject’s setting as a reader or viewer can be. Over the years, as his newspaper and television popularity has grown, Ron’s personality has become more a part of the fabric of the Midwest’s outdoor community.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below

Business Performance for the New Economy
Ryan Estis understands the challenges business leaders and top performers face, because he’s been in their shoes. He spent 15 years helping companies connect with employees and customers as an ad agency executive. His work spans a wide range of industries and clients.

Fee Range: $20,001 – $30,000

Architect, Author, Not So Big Lifestyle Visionary
Bestselling author, architect and cultural visionary Sarah Susanka is leading a movement to redefine the American home and lifestyle. Sarah Susanka’s “Not So Big” message has become a launch pad for a new dimension of understanding how we inhabit our homes, our planet and our lives.

Fee Range: Please request
North Carolina

Inspiring Organizations to STAND UP to Any Challenge through a clear Vision, a determined Mindset and unstoppable GRIT!
Scott Burrows’ unforgettable story of turning a paralyzing setback into a powerful comeback through a clear Vision, a determined Mindset and unstoppable Grit inspires. As a Keynote Inspirational Speaker and Bestselling Author, you will find that his captivating message is one of hope, courage and perseverance.


Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000
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