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Host, Our America with Lisa Ling on OWN, Journalist, Author, Correspondent, National Geographic Explorer
Journalist Lisa Ling travels around the world, bringing attention to stories that often go unreported. As the field correspondent for OWN – The Oprah Winfrey Network and contributor to ABC News’ Nightline and National Geographic’s Explorer, Ling reported from dozens of countries, covering stories ranging from gang rape in the Congo and bride burning in India to the treatment of animals on farms here in the United States.

Fee Range: Please request

Stress Management Expert: Humor as a Coping Mechanism

Loretta LaRoche is an acclaimed speaker, author and international stress management and humor consultant who has evoked wit and irreverent humor on her audiences for over 30 years. Using humor to reframe a stressful situation, Loretta captures a new perspective on the difficult parts of life. Her teaching style, credibility and incontestable humor are integral parts to her compelling presence.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000

Environmental Advocate, Host of The Promised Land
Majora Carter is a leading urban revitalization strategy consultant, real estate developer, and Peabody Award winning broadcaster. She is responsible for the creation & implementation of numerous green-infrastructure projects, policies, and job training & placement systems.

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New York

Social Entrepreneur, World Traveler, and Humanitarian. Engage your audience in the future of philanthropy and how one person truly can make a difference.
Mallory Brown is a social entrepreneur, adventure traveler, and global humanitarian. She runs innovative philanthropic campaigns around the world through her production company, Travel Mal. Her goal is to connect audiences to incredible causes, create direct change, and inspire others to give back.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below
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