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Author and Renowned Tech Workplace and Leadership Expert
Staying ahead of the curve through non-stop technological change is every leader's challenge. Being tech savvy is important, but modern leaders have to be people-focused too, believes Cheryl Cran, who brings effective strategies on how to combine these two critically important skills to increase profit, productivity, and drive business forward.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000

High Energy Motivational Speaker, Expert on Success, Leadership, Sales
When you book Connie Podesta as a keynote speaker, you will get: a powerful message, motivation and entertainment. She uses humor with purpose because the audience will learn more, commit to more, be open to newer ideas, and be more willing to make the kind of changes necessary for them to be successful.

Fee Range: $20,001 – $30,000

A great Tell It Like It Is Speaker!
Cy Wakeman is a dynamic national keynote speaker, business consultant, New York Times bestselling author, and trainer who has spent over 20 years cultivating a revolutionary approach to leadership. Grounded in reality, Wakeman's philosophy teaches people how to turn excuses into results and transform unhappy employees into accountable, successful members of the workforce.

Fee Range: $30,001 – $50,000

Overcoming Life’s Obstacles as Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Motivational Sports Coach, Restaurateur and Author
Desi Williamson is a master of reinvention, leading a diverse career as a corporate sales and marketing executive, real estate entrepreneur, motivational coach for the NFL Minnesota Vikings, and restaurant franchise owner.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000

International Management Consultant, Businesswoman, Author
Hattie Hill has over twenty years experience as a businesswoman, professional speaker and international management consultant. Her expertise in global leadership, customer service and diversity has been shared with major organizations throughout the United States, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below

Futurist, Trends & Innovation Expert and Author

Jim Carroll is one of the world’s leading international futurists, trends and innovation experts, providing strategic guidance and insight to some of most prestigious organizations in the world for over twenty years. He is recognized worldwide as a “thought leader” and authority on: global trends, rapid business model change, business transformation in a period of economic uncertainty and the necessity for fast paced innovation.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000
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