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Marcia Malzahn

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Inspirational Story, Bank Executive, Entrepreneur, Author
Her engaging stories of perseverance, leadership, and training the next generation of leaders will inspire your attendees to take action and conquer their challenges.

Fee Range: $10,000 and Below
Phone: 800-328-6008

Marcia shares her amazing story of survival and business success as a first-generation immigrant. At the early age of six, she survived an earthquake and at age thirteen a civil war in her native country of Nicaragua. Her family fled to the Dominican Republic where she survived yet another natural disaster when the hurricane of the century, David, leveled the Caribbean island in August, 1979. She moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1986 where she began her career in banking as a teller and rose to the level of Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and later as Chief Risk Officer of a bank she helped start in 2005. In 2014, Marcia founded Malzahn Strategic, a community bank consultancy focused on strategic planning, enterprise risk management, and talent management to help community banks strengthen their infrastructure.

Marcia is available for both onsite, in person, bookings or remote video conferences if you have decided to make your conference virtual this year. Her studios are equipped with high quality video and audio production equipment, gigabit Internet connectivity and can accommodate your remote production needs.

Malzahn is a published author of four books, and an international motivational bilingual (English and Spanish) speaker. She speaks frequently at leadership conferences and association conferences in the Community Banking, Credit Union, Financial Services, and Insurance industries.
Her mission as a speaker is to inspire and educate. If you are looking for someone to inspire your attendees and encourage them to be the best they can be, Inspirational Keynote Marcia Malzahn is your speaker!
Speech Titles and Descriptions:


Your attendees will enjoy Marcia’s Bring YOUR Shoes inspirational keynote – especially new leaders, managers, and supervisors.

Successful leaders surround themselves with talented individuals that complement their strengths. But as a leader, how do you get there? Complementary talent just doesn’t show up, it has to be sought out.

As an employee, Marcia encourages attendees to discover their talents and maximize them in the workplace by creating opportunities for themselves. As an employer, Marcia shares ideas on how to discover and develop your employees’ talents to maximize their potential. In this interactive keynote presentation, you will learn about Marcia’s personal journey of discovering her gifts and how she helped her employees discover their talents to become a high performing team. During the Bring YOUR Shoes inspirational keynote based on her book Bring YOUR Shoes, Marcia teaches new leaders how to lead from a fresh perspective—by maximizing their talents and the diverse talents of those they lead.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the ways to discover and maximize your talent.
  • Learn how to discover and maximize the talent of those you lead.
  • Learn how to lead teams by maximizing all talent.

Conference organizers are encouraged to purchase discounted copies of the book Bring YOUR Shoes, for inclusion in conference swag bags.

This keynote can be customized for your audience! It can scale up to a half day interactive workshop or a two-hour live webinar.


In the Leading Through Crisis inspirational keynote, Marcia takes the audience on an emotional journey and shares her experiences and major life events that shaped her into the person she is today.

Discover how an immigrant who came to America with nothing more than her values leveraged resiliency, thankfulness, and happiness into a lifetime of joy.

You’ll hear an inspirational story of an immigrant who came to America with nothing except her values and trace her career from humble beginnings as a bank teller culminating in co-founding a community bank that grew to over $300 million in assets in less than ten years. Encouraging her audience to not give up the fight and stay in the game, she shares leadership lessons learned through her life and your attendees will walk away inspired to share and maximize their life story.

The Leading Through Crisis inspirational keynote can be customized for your audience! It can scale down to a 30 minute live webinar.


With A Passion for Women in Leadership inspirational keynote, encourage the next generation of women leaders at your event to take their leadership role boldly and confidently into the future.

We need strong women leaders. During this talk, Marci shares her successes and struggles as she navigated through the business world in America, not only as an immigrant but as a woman leader. She shares why she’s so passionate about helping other women leaders succeed and encourages her audience to take their leadership role seriously and inspires them to lead with boldness and confidence. She inspires you to be all you can be with what you’ve been given.

Learning Objectives:

  • Traits of successful leaders –including being a successful follower
  • Live balance and success – Ten tips to help you achieve balance in your life
  • Keys to become a successful woman leader

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Complementary Talent: Building Your High-Performance Team
  • Mentoring Relationships: How Having a Mentor and Being a Mentor Helps You Succeed in Your Career
  • Presenting with Confidence for Leaders
  • Negotiation Competence for Leaders (will replace the “Know Your Value” program as that title is trademarked)

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